dsc00200This blog is about anything concerning beauty for the over forties, and maybe the thirties, and maybe everyone…let’s see.

The author is female, in her early forties of uncertain nationality describing herself as: “European Union Citizen”.  A recent “born again” make-up and skin-care junkie, the addiction may fizzle out, but we ain’t sure. Skin wise, she is pale as a ghost and of undetermined skin type, looking for pretty much anything to keep the wrinkles at bay. 2010 to 2012 she ran a small company developing beauty formulations focusing on silk protein, mineral pigments, argan, jojoba, castor, olive and almond oil for which she successfully sold the IP in 2012.

Opinions expressed in this blog are based on personal experience alone. What works for the author may not work for you. Over-exuberant enthusiasm regarding particular products is the result of a great experience, never of payment. When I recommend a product or vendor I may include magic links (affiliate links) which provide small commission for referral.