Beauty over Forty

Keeping up appearances when age is just a number



Beauty Gurus Boredom

I watch a lot of YouTube. Maybe too much? That’s probably why I find myself agreeing with “Makeup Struggles” Gurus all seem to be doing the same thing, she has some great suggestion on how it could be different.


Behind the Brand: Stephanie Nicole’s Viseart & Muse Beauty Interview

Ever wondered why those Viseart shadows are so expensive? Who does the work behind the scenes? How the products are produced?

YouTuber Stephanie Nicole interviews the Heads of Viseart and Muse Beauty to find out:

Melissa sends a strong message to Estee Lauder

Melissa sends a strong message to Estee Lauder regarding ageism in beauty advertising. Please watch and help – she has a good point!

Thanks to Karina Kaboom for spreading the Word!

Thanks to Karina Kaboom for helping share the information about How Sephora (US) misleads international customers:

The post Karina refers to is here:

For Overseas Beautyholics – Why Sephora is no longer my US Online Retailer of choice

Do be aware that: if you are an international shopper and you attain VIB or VIB Rouge status at Sephora, you will not receive the Points Perks, the Weekly Specials or the Birthday Gift, despite the website telling you that you will (correct at time of press).

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Roloxin Gold: Immediate Facelift in a Mask?

I heard mention of the Roloxin Lift Gold face mask by Tati on YouTube towards the end of last year in her annual favorites and already purchased it then. I just go around to trying it out yesterday and I was pretty surprised!

The advertising professes that this mask gives you a face lift that lasts all day. Instructions for use: You wash your face and massage the sachet with the mask in it for 20 seconds before opening and applying to damp skin. The product applies see through with a lot of gold. That’s actually really pretty. Then the product dries to a white powder which should take about 10 minutes. Then you just rinse it off with water and continue with your normal skin care.

Did it work? Yes, the results are astounding. All the fine lines around my eyes disappeared and the depth of the wrinkles was greatly reduced.I was speechless!

Did it last? Unfortunately not, around 4 to 5 hours later my skin was how it was beforehand.

Would I recommend? Totally, The product retails at only 33 USD for 3 Sachets, given how effective it is I think it’s a good price,. I would recommend use before any special events, the results are impressive.

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One Color Eyeshadow Look for Hooded Eyes

Nisha is one of my favorite YouTubers, I learn a lot from her and really enjoy her kind personality. Here she shares a great easy eyeshadow look. I know I will be doing it on a Monday morning chronically short of time. Enjoy!

You can join me in following her channel 🙂

Essential and Nonessential Wayne Goss Eyeshadow Brushes

Happy Tuesday! You may recall my excitement about receiving my first Wayne Goss eyeshadow brush in my Beautylish Lucky Bag. Already in January it became a favorite and I bought a back-up. Since then I have expanded my collection, tested them and can tell you a little bit more about them.

A bit of background: Wayne Goss is a makeup artist who has his own YouTube Channel. He also has a line of handmade Japanese makeup brushes. They are superb quality and are mainly made from natural hair. Despite that, they are classified as cruelty free.

Wayne Goss No. 6 Blending Brush

First up my favorite. The No. 6 Brush is described as a blending brush. It is a flat paddle brush, with a width approximately as wide as the nail on my pointing finger. The bristles are 15 mm long. It is made of blue squirrel and is wonderfully soft. This brush is very versatile. I use it to pack the color on my lids, and flipping it over also for my crease (great for hooded eyes!) and also for blending. Once I am done I just clean it my swiping it across a color switch. I find this brush is essential, as it covers so many tasks and does it so very well.

Wayne Goss No. 4 Small Crease Brush

Next my No. 4 Brush, which is a small crease brush, again made of blue squirrel and very soft. The bristles are 15 mm long. If you have hooded or small eyes, this is great for precise crease work, also for cut creases. As it is so soft it works best on good quality shadows for soft blending. If you have a chalky shadow such as some of the Tarte clay shadows, this will not be the best brush for blending. I see this as essential for small eyes, nonessential for others.

Wayne Goss No. 3 Large Crease Brush

The No. 3 Brush is a somewhat larger crease brush, also made of blue squirrel. The bristles are 20 mm long. If you have smaller eyes and already have No. 4 you may not need this, but if you don’t this is a nice sized universal crease brush for eyes of all shapes. Similar to No. 4, this is very soft and will not do a good job of blending out stubborn shadows, it works best with good ones.I see it as essential if you don’t already have No. 4.

Wayne Goss No. 5 Detail Brush

The No. 5 is a small, tightly packed detail brush. Again, this is blue squirrel and can be used for all sorts of things including lipstick, concealer, eyeshadow detail work. I use this for smudging eyeshadow on my lower lash line. It has perfect stability and is so soft it is never scratchy. Given the versatility and precision I see this brush as being absolutely essential.

Wayne Goss No. 16 Blending Brush


I also have the No. 16 Brush, which is described as a blending brush. This is made of goat hair, making the bristles more stable. The bristles are 15mm long. This is a very unusual brush it is round and really quite fat, as fat as my little finger. This is the brush you can use on shadows that don’t want to blend. It’s width will shift product! It does a fantastic job and that. The size also makes it good for blending out concealer (but I prefer synthetic brushes for that). This is essential is you have stiff eyeshadows, non-essential if you don’t.

Of the brushes I have described, I highly recommend the No. 6 to everyone. It’s amazing versatile and very comfortable to use. Then I would suggest the No. 5 for detail work and one of the crease brushes.

I love my Wayne Goss brushes and really feel that I get better results, easier using them.

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Wayne Goss Video about how we are being tricked – important –

If you watch YouTube makeup and skincare tutorials, I invite you to take 5 minutes to see how professionals trick us into believing the impossible is possible and encouraging us to feel that we are not good enough.. Thank you Wayne!

Another awesome Beautylish Lucky Bag Video :)

This time Bunny! AKA Graveyardgirl 😀

I’m still waiting for mine, not holding my breath though!

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