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Anti-Haul: What I’m not going to buy

I love watching anti-haul videos are reading anti-haul posts. If this theme is new to you, anti-hauls are products we will not be buying and why. I find them very helpful when it comes to new launches and products which are overhyped.

Here the items which are not on my shopping list:

  1. Violet Voss: Ride or Die Palette: 42 shades and not one of them is green or a real blue. Instead: 42 variations of browns, greys, oranges and reds, one more similar than the other. This bores me
  2. Too Faced Natural Love Eyeshadow Palette: Too Faced has been pretty inconsistent recently. Their larger Holiday palettes which were limited edition did not receive good reviews. This is a larger palette which is limited edition. I somehow don’t think this one will fare well, plus I pretty much have these shades, if you own a Tarte palette you probably also do.
  3. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit: I am pale as a ghost. If I am lucky, maybe two shades would suit me. I don’t need the other four. The reviews are split between positive and negative on the formula. The shades are beautiful, but overall seem suited to darker skin tones and that is fabulous, about time there was a great glow kit for deeper skin tones, just not for me as I am too light.
  4. The new Wayne Goss Face Set: This almost hurts to type, I want them so badly argggh. They are beautiful, they are fabulous and they are expensive; but they are natural white hair. You are not supposed to wash natural hair often and seeing natural dirty white brushes will irk me. I wish they were brown. If they were self cleaning? Hell Yeah!
  5. Any contour kit: I am one person with only one skin tone. I need 1 contour shade, not 3. I have a great contour shade from smashbox. Unless you are a makeup artist, or regularly do other people’s makeup, you don’t need them either. What would be great though, would be if the single shades were sold separately, not just as refills, but properly packaged. Then I might be more adventurous.

That’s all folks? What are you not buying?


Today I gave away 4 Mascara’s in favor of a free Tester…

I own and test a lot of mascaras. Today I gave away Urban Decay’s Lash Perversion, Smashbox Xtreme Lash, Maybelline’s Push Up Drama and something else. I still own a lot of mascaras, but my favorite since November last year has been a tiny travel size freebie tarteistlashpaintfrom a makeup set: Tarte’s Tarteist Lash Paint. This tiny tube has lasted 3 months now, used nearly every day and still going strong. I have bought the full size for when it runs out.

Why do I love it so much? Compared to my other Favorite Too Faced Better Than Sex, it does not really clump, as it doesn’t contain fibers it also doesn’t create spider legs. It does evenly coat the lashes making them thicker, and impart a bit of length (not too much), but above all it’s dependable. It stays on reliably all day, never transferring, never smudging,never flaking, never causing embarrassment.


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Makeup Brands, Best at what?

I thought it would be fun to do a little mental exercise of going through a few of the brands I own and identify what I think they do best in product. Here is what I came up with, it might help you if you are building your collection 🙂

Brand Product
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Products & Eyeshadow
Becca Highlighter
Benefit Eyebrow Products & Blush
Bobbi Brown Lipstick & Eye Shadow
Cargo Eyeshadow & Lipstick
Chanel Lipstick
Charlotte Tilbury Lipliner
Essence – Catrice Highlighter & Mascara
Guerlain Primer, Powder & Bronzer
Hourglass Foundation, illuminating Powder
L’Oreal Mascara
Lancome Foundation & Blush
Laura Mercier Illuminating Powder
Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick
MAC Lipstick, Lipliner & Setting Spray
Nars Eyeshadow, Lipstick, all powders
Natasha Denona Eyeshadow & Blush
Physicians Formula Bronzer
Shiseido Foundation & Powder
Smashbox Contour (Powder)
Tarte Concealer, Blush & Mascara
TheBalm Highllighter & Liquid Lipstick
Too Faced Eye Shadow & Mascara
Urban Decay Eyeshadow, Setting Spray
Viseart Eyeshadow

I would love to hear your thoughts on what particular brands do best 🙂

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GRWM, Get Ready With Me! A rather personal makeup post

Tomorrow is our company Christmas party and it’s going to be so much fun. Some of our ladies are going to get ready together and if all goes well we will film a mannequin challenge.

Here my selection of “equipment” to help the ladies out (with 6 ladies faces in mind):


I wonder if all you other makeup addicts are doing the same at your Christmas parties ^^

Too Faced 3 Way Lash Lining Tool: Gimmick or Godsend?

dsc_0015-1I recently picked up this rather interesting 3 pronged eye lining device by Too Faced. The idea behind having the 3 prongs is that you dot it on your lash line, so that your eyeliners is literally in your lash line and you have no gaps. Through dotting, the dots join up to one very thin line of eyeliner. You can then use it on your water line to tight line and do your final eyeliner with it.

Seems a bit gimmicky huh? but I guess if you are planning an elegant liner and maybe need the line to be as close to your lashes as possible without building up product as you want to wear falsies, this kind of makes sense, so I tested it.



Here I have dotted along the lash line, this already almost looks like a thin complete line.


Then I drew a thin line above the eyelashes. I have to admit I really liked the effect. dsc_0033This will come in really useful for wearing falsies, but also for an elegant barely there eyeliner.

The product comes as a thin, very pigmented, matte liquid, with good coverage. The delivery is very smooth, no unexpected product deposits, very easy to handle.

I was lucky and picked this up for 6 Euros at TK Maxx, it usually retails at 19,80 USD or if you are in Europe and totally nuts, there’s one selling for 39 Euros on Amazon.

If you are generally struggling with eyeliner, I would really recommend this product to you. For European shoppers, it’s worth adding it to your cart online at Sephora in order to get a reasonable price.


Your Guide to getting the best TJ Maxx – TK Maxx hauls!


For many of us a nice proportion of the weekend is spent browsing stores and certainly many of my readers will be looking at beauty products.

A store known as TJ Maxx in the US and TK Maxx in Europe, offer fabulous deals on high end make up and skincare if you know how to get them. The company operates by buying up surplus inventory and bankruptcy inventory from other stores and then selling this on. They do not sell customer returned cosmetics and skincare.

I love the store, I regularly encounter great brands which are not found in retail stores in my country (Germany), these include Make Up For Ever, Nars, Ilamasqua, Cargo, Too Faced and other high end brands such as Shiseido, Christian Dior, Lancome, Elizabeth Arden, in skincare Ren, Tony Moly, Etude House, Philosophy and Sisley. TJ Maxx customers in the US have been known to pick up Kat von D.

Here’s how you get the best deals:

  1. Know your stuff . If you are relatively knew to the beauty world watch yourself some YouTube, get yourself some magazines and find out what brands and product are hot. If you don’t know what you are looking for, those overladen shelves, often in disarray can just be overwhelming.
  2. Don’t be bashful. I am the politest shopper and I don’t grab anything off anyone, but I am flexible and fast and swoop in on a product before the others do. There are plenty beauty savvy competitors at those shelves. Get in there!
  3. Be strategic and smart. Grab anything you find might be good and put it in your basket before someone else does. If you are unsure whether it is  good product or whether you are getting a good deal, you can extract yourself from the beauty area and google the items on your smartphone. If you grabbed the wrong things you can always put them back.
  4. Check your products. There are some mean shoppers out there, ones who open stuff and stick their fingers in products, or who take things out and put them in the wrong containers. Check what is in the packaging (everyone does), or you could end up like me thinking you are getting a Too Faced lip liner and ending up with a shocking pink Ilamasqua lip gloss  (not quite my color).
  5. Find out when they get new stock. Good stuff sells fast, find out what day they get new deliveries and be in store the following morning. (For people in Berlin: TK Maxx gets new stock on Thursday, enjoy!)

Then, go home and enjoy! I look forward to seeing your amazing hauls online. Now I’m off to play with my amazing TK Maxx haul from today including an awesome Cargo Palette.


Happy Hunting!





My ultimate Bronzer favorites (and one expensive fail) for medium/light skintones

Up here in the northern hemisphere the sun has gone on vacation. For people of palor (that would be me) now is the time to grab that bronzer.

Pale people need a bronzer that bronzes and we are at a higher risk than most of looking like an oompa loompa if we get it wrong. Here is my personal ranking of all the bronzers I have for a daytime natural look.

physiciansformulabutterbronzer#1 Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer. Price for EU, 27.29 Euro via Amazon.  USD 14.95 for 11 grams. This bronzer gets the tone just right, no orange, a light silky sheen (not glitter) given a very subtle glow erring more towards matte. Don’t opt for the shade light, that won’t show up enough, the normal basic shade is just right. It stays on all day.It won the Women’s Health 2016 Beauty Award and I congratulate the jury on this one. It smells a bit like a Pina Colada, so if you don’t like the sound of that go for my #2.

#2 Too Faced Soulmates Blushing Bronzer Ross & Rachel. Price 12 Euros for me from toofacedrossrachelTK/TJ Maxx! For EU 26.79 Euro via Amazon, 30,60 USD for 18 grams. I love this bronzer which I believe consists of Too Faced Chocolate Soleil with a blush thrown in. The size of the item means that your brush will not touch the blush if you don’t want it to, plus you get two products in one, both are long-wearing. Again a silky sheen (no glitter), great natural color. Some may prefer to get Chocolate Soleil alone, but for me (and other Europeans) getting that via Amazon would be upwards of 40 Euros. I get a much better deal with the two in one. Both products are longwearing and smell of chocolate (there’s real cocoa powder in them). They also got the tone just right. This would be my number one except not everyone wants 2 items in one.

guerlain-terracotta-terracotta_4_seasons#3 Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons in the shade Natural Brunette 03. Price 65,95 Euros, 76 USD for 10 grams. This is the most versatile bronzer I have. You can mix the shades according to the season you are in based on how deep your own skin tans. This also means you can use it on your friends. The finish is matte. It’s long-wearing and seemingly unscented. This stuff is expensive, but given it’s versatility this may be worth it for you. A little goes a long way.

cargo-medium_bronzer_#4 Cargo Cosmetics Bronzer Medium. Price 29 USD for 8.9 grams. I got this in a starter complexion kit (containing bronzer, concealer and eye-liner) at TK Maxx (TJ Maxx for our US reads) for 14 Euros. There are a lot of these kits going around in Germany, so grab this, it is a bargain, it is a great product. It has a silky translucent sheen and will be my favorite for holiday parties. The tone looks slightly orange in the pan, but there is no sign of that on the skin. #bestbargain. #greatdeal


#5 Benefit Hoola. Price 33 Euro, 29 USD for 8 grams. Hoola is a cult classic. It a great bronzer, good tone, matte finish, slightly chemically smell, good staying power. You either love or hate the packaging. It was my first bronzer that had the right tone, unfortunately I have gone off it a little due to the smell and having found better alternative, still a great product though.

wetwild#6 Wet n Wild Coloricon Ticket to Brazil (or Bikini Contest), Price 7.79 Euro, 3.99 USD for 13 grams. How do they do it? This stuff is awesome. It has a shimmery finish goes on really well and stays on pretty long. The smell is faint and slightly medicated. This is an amazing deal and now that I have picked it up, I am not sure if it beats my Cargo or not. What a stunner! #mikedrop

All the above are great bronzers for lighter skin tones, none of them are orangey, all hold up well and give a natural glow. And now the a catastrophic high end fail:


WTH La Prairie!

La Prairie Cellular Treatment Bronzer, Price 55 Euro, 65 USD for 13,5 grams. I would love to say I was drunk when I bought this. I was duped by the salesperson who had already convinced me to spend ridiculous amounts on face cream as she assured me she was wearing this herself. This peeps, is the stuff of the high end oompa loompa. As beautiful and luxury as it is, don’t do it! Step away from the counter!

Restoring Donald to Greatness

*disclaimer: the below is lighthearted, enjoy!

Well, the world knows it, Mr Trump has gotten himself elected to be President. We all have to trust that he will have the best advisors in place to help him fulfil this office. Seemingly to date he may not have had the best beauty advisors. Let’s fill that gap and help him create a more presidential visual.

Mr Trump in 1988, Ash blond hair & natural tan skin:


Mr Trump in 2016, yellow blond hair (dye), orange tan:

Donald Trump

Now trying not to state the obvious; yes dying gray hair can result in tones that can seem a little brassy and unnatural, an ashier tone would look more natural and be more in line with his natural tones. A purple/blue color correcting shampoo should be able to help that. I use them myself. Revlon makes a good one, if he would like to go upbeat there’s Lush Daddy O Violet Shampoo, pretty aptly named for the potential user.

That tan shade needs more attention. If little girls participating in beauty pageants can get their spray tan right, then there must be help in hand for POTUS. I’d suggest letting the orange fade and even trying bronzing powder. Nice matt or slightly shimmery cooler tone bronzing powder for lighter skin shades include Guerlain 4 Seasons , Too Faced Chocolate Soleil , The Body Shop Honey Bronze and Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer.

As Potus, this individual will be more in the public eye than most. So any immediately evident cosmetic procedures would be quickly noticed. Maybe not go there, we all get older, but we all want to look fresh and healthy. To help with elasticity of the skin I might suggest microneedling. It’s good enough for Kim Kardashian and it’s good enough for me, maybe it’s good enough for POTUS. There is no down time involved in microneedling. Yes, you get red in the face, but hey that can be explained by having had a good session at the gym. 🙂

Microneedling is collagen induction therapy, its way of working involves causing micro damage to the skin, triggering the skin’s own repair functions thereby generating more collagen and improving the elasticity of the skin. It also improves pore size and has an immediate effect. I will do a detailed post on that in the next few weeks. There is no scarring or scabs, just a flush to the skin.

Glycolic or Lactic acid face peels would help with cell turnover, this also improves skin firmness. Drunk Elephant makes a great glycolic acid night serum.

Finally Botox; expertly used can be imperceptible. Badly applied could hamper the person’s ability to speak. We’ll find out if that’s a good or bad thing 😉

Good Luck Mr President, I shall be watching you to see if you are trying out my advice.


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