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The Benefits of Salt in Skincare

A few years ago when I had time to make my own soap I used to make one containing brine (saturated salt solution). In using it, I immediately noticed that my skin felt very clean, but way not dried out. When I gave away pieces to people who had spots, they told me that they cleared up really fast and they had far fewer when using the soap. I paid attention to this feedback and started using salt regularly in my skincare.

Salt is antiseptic. This is why it gets used in healing wounds, it has been shown to be beneficial in acne, dermatitis and rosacea treatment. Even if you don’t suffer from these salt is still beneficial to your skin as it helps get the circulation going and works to unclog pores. There’s a reason our skin improves after salt water sports.


I use salt daily and pick up a large Lush’s Ocean Salt in my monthly Lush haul. Ocean Salt is a salt scrub. I rarely use it to scrub, but wash my face and put the scrub on the wet skin and let it soak in, I then rinse it off, sometime using it as a scrub sometimes just rinsing it off. You can use table salt from the kitchen in the same way.

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Curing my Hangover and Never Minding the Ballistics with Lush

Super cute limited edition for Holiday 2016: refreshing bath bomb with cocoa butter & lime & orange oil with banana


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Chill to Lush Luxury Pud

Relaxing lavender and tonka bean, just right after a long Christmas Day.
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Final Xmas Gift Post – Luxury & Affordable Stocking Fillers

Ho ho ho! This is my last post of this weeks theme and it has been the one I have been most looking forward to. If your imagination is all “imaginated-out” here are my thoughts on beauty stocking fillers to please pretty much anyone.

High-end: Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze & Glow. Retailing at 65 Euros (Net-a-porter). This certainly is on the more expensive side, but who wouldn’t love to get that glow in their stocking? It comes it two shade combinations, medium to light and medium to dark. Boootiful!

Friend with expensive taste who wants Artis brushes? They don’t need an Artis brush for foundation, whatmybeautysecretbrushetudehouse they do need is: Etude House My Beauty Tool Secret Brush. This foundation brush is amazing. Everyone I have used one on has immediately fallen in love, it provides beautiful non-streaky coverage sheering out the heaviest of foundations to a beautiful finish. The brush is super soft, and cleans very easily. Compared to using a beauty blender I save over 30% of time using this brush. It is sturdily made, way better than the Artis dupes where the head snaps off. It retails at around 14 Euros/USD and is available via Amazon, but also seen on i-herb. You will not regret it.

Tarte have two mini palettes, each retailing at 23USD at Sephora each with their nice Amazonian Clay Formula. They are the Tartelette Tease and the Tarteist Pro to Go Amazonian Clay Palette.

Glamglow masks are pretty hot right now.  Glamglow prides itself on offering instant results. I have tested 3 of these masks. They claim is true, they may not be miracle workers, but the masks certainly do work. They have small pots retailing at 22 USD (o.5 Oz – 15ml), just be sure to choose the right one for the skin type of the recipient.

Lush is a fabulous place to get Stocking Fillers, but even if the item is small, you want to be sure it is suitable for the recipient. Mask of Magnaminty is hugely popular and  suits all skintypes. Smaller pots retail at around 15 USD. If you have friends or relatives who don’t like Lush which you’d like to convert, the bubble bars Brightside and the Comforter might be your best bet. As the user can portion them having multiple baths out of one bar, that way also being able to control the scent levels, the Comforter is a pleasant but not overpowering floral and Brightside is a pleasant citrus. Got a man not into all that girly stuff, win him over with an Intergalactic bath bomb, it exudes a very male aftershave aroma.

That’s all folks, happy shopping!

Current winning Product Combinations for very damaged Hair & One Loser

Happy Saturday! Here’s a little insight into what is currently helping keep my severely damaged hair look super healthy and shiny. It’s a fine balance to keep between having conditioning, rebuilding whilst preventing product build up. Here are the products that help me in that.

During the week: my standard shampoo and conditioner are by Tigi Bed Head. I find their tigi“urban anti+dotes resurrection”  @ level 3 do a really good job of just keeping up basic condition the week. Tigi claims these products are for “weak brittle hair that needs intervention” and that “great results may cause your hair’s ego to inflate to astronomical proportions!”. Now, I’m generally critical of misleading marketing jargon, but this one I really dig. I much prefer fun hyperbole to misleading subtleties.

I picked this combo up at my local TK Maxx, for a total of 25 Euros, which really is fantastic value for money as the condition alone is 750ml (25.36 Fl Oz) and the shampoo is 250ml (8.45 Fl Oz), so a lot of product for the money. It is also widely available for example at Ulta, Amazon etc.. There are good deals on bundles which are definitely worth picking up. The same range also has a hair masks which I am sure to try out. Plus the scent is really nice. These products are really good for pretty darn damaged hair, but my damage is to the next level which is why….

moaInnosys MOA Melaleuca Omega 3 Argan & Keratin Hair Treatment Mask is a godsend.  The packaging is totally uninspiring, you get no idea how fantastic the product is. On days I am not using Tigi (pretty much every third wash), I wash my hair with Edward Beal Anti-Brass + Gloss Argan Oil Shampoo ( I have blond hair) and then apply the hair mask and let it sit for only 3 minutes. Following that my hair will need nothing else.

The MOA hair mask helps rebuild the damage with keratin and of course the Argan oil along with the other oils it contains including avocado, linseed, tea tree and aloe help condition. I was lucky enough to pick it up again pretty cheaply. I can find the product line of the manufacturers website, but this product appears to have been discontinued. The only location I could find it selling is the TK Maxx UK website for just under 8 GBP. So if you are in the UK and have damaged hair, grabbing this might be a one-off opportunity.

I continue to use Olaplex once per week to rebuild the broken bonds in my hair and “Damaged” hot oil treatment by Lush.

All in all, this combination of products along with only using only cool air with a silk serum spray to style my hair with my Rowenta Hot Air Brush (with Tourmalin and Keratin coating) makes my hair look super healthy, only I and you reading this know the truth 😉

alterna-repair-fill_fix_treatment_masqueOne product that was super expensive and just didn’t have the power it professed, was Alterna’s Caviar Repair Fill & Fix Treatment Masque. It cost me 52,95 Euros and due to the price point I was very disappointed. It may be good for dry and slightly damaged hair, but for hair that has been colored more than once or permed hair this is not powerful enough.

Chill out on a Friday Night with a Lush favorite

Space out and recover from Black Friday with Lush Intergalactic: peppermint, vetiver and sandalwood. Enjoy!

Jellyfish in Space by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



Product Surprise: Lush Damaged Hot Oil Treatment

Happy Saturday! As you may know, I have pretty badly damaged hair and am constantly looking for products that will make it manageable and make it feel like hair rather than plastic.

damaged_I bought this Lush’s Damaged Hot Oil Treatment quite a few weeks ago, but I was skeptical, so it took me quite a while to try it out. With the level of damage I have, I am looking for rebuilding and not just hot oils for conditioning, but this product as it turns out is a little special.

The product consists of following oils: olive, almond & avocado with vanilla, sodium bicarbonate and emulsifiers.

How to use: get your little stick of oils and stand it in a small container, such as a cup or even an empty lush pot and pour boiling water over it and stir the product around, as it is on a stick this is pretty simple. Quickly a thick paste will develop. Depending on the length of your hair there is no need to dissolve the entire product. I gauge that I can get at least of 2,5 uses out of what is on the stick (chin length hair). The consistency that developed for me was like a thick lotion, which didn’t even feel particularly oily, making it really easy to apply. So you apply it all all over your hair and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then you rinse it off. Many users have complained that it is difficult to rinse out, well oil would be. I lathered up a mild shampoo into it and it rinsed out very easily.

The verdict: It left my hair well conditioned and feeling like hair again. The comb glided through it easily whilst wet. To put it even more to the test I blow dried my hair on cool with no protective product. It left a great shine and it feels silky and in great condition. So a huge thumbs up for damaged hair! “Damaged” retails at 9,95 Euros, 10,95 USd a good price for a deep conditioner with at least 2 uses. Happy me:


Lush favorite for a Sunday night..

Lush’s “The Experimenter” bath bomb, sandalwood, vetiver & vanilla, enjoy!

Restoring Donald to Greatness

*disclaimer: the below is lighthearted, enjoy!

Well, the world knows it, Mr Trump has gotten himself elected to be President. We all have to trust that he will have the best advisors in place to help him fulfil this office. Seemingly to date he may not have had the best beauty advisors. Let’s fill that gap and help him create a more presidential visual.

Mr Trump in 1988, Ash blond hair & natural tan skin:


Mr Trump in 2016, yellow blond hair (dye), orange tan:

Donald Trump

Now trying not to state the obvious; yes dying gray hair can result in tones that can seem a little brassy and unnatural, an ashier tone would look more natural and be more in line with his natural tones. A purple/blue color correcting shampoo should be able to help that. I use them myself. Revlon makes a good one, if he would like to go upbeat there’s Lush Daddy O Violet Shampoo, pretty aptly named for the potential user.

That tan shade needs more attention. If little girls participating in beauty pageants can get their spray tan right, then there must be help in hand for POTUS. I’d suggest letting the orange fade and even trying bronzing powder. Nice matt or slightly shimmery cooler tone bronzing powder for lighter skin shades include Guerlain 4 Seasons , Too Faced Chocolate Soleil , The Body Shop Honey Bronze and Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer.

As Potus, this individual will be more in the public eye than most. So any immediately evident cosmetic procedures would be quickly noticed. Maybe not go there, we all get older, but we all want to look fresh and healthy. To help with elasticity of the skin I might suggest microneedling. It’s good enough for Kim Kardashian and it’s good enough for me, maybe it’s good enough for POTUS. There is no down time involved in microneedling. Yes, you get red in the face, but hey that can be explained by having had a good session at the gym. 🙂

Microneedling is collagen induction therapy, its way of working involves causing micro damage to the skin, triggering the skin’s own repair functions thereby generating more collagen and improving the elasticity of the skin. It also improves pore size and has an immediate effect. I will do a detailed post on that in the next few weeks. There is no scarring or scabs, just a flush to the skin.

Glycolic or Lactic acid face peels would help with cell turnover, this also improves skin firmness. Drunk Elephant makes a great glycolic acid night serum.

Finally Botox; expertly used can be imperceptible. Badly applied could hamper the person’s ability to speak. We’ll find out if that’s a good or bad thing 😉

Good Luck Mr President, I shall be watching you to see if you are trying out my advice.


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