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Stop the Madness! Lancôme LA RÔSE BLUSH POUDRER

Lancôme’s La Rose Blush Poudrer is 1,6 grams of highlighter for 60 USD. Is it made of cocaine? Nope. This is a very pretty natural looking highlighter, that recently came onto the market. It is an artificial rose with the petals coated in powder, housed in a cardboard (!) box. Very pretty and in my opinion insanely ridiculous. Rarely do I get angry about overpriced products. This time I do, at least put it in a proper tin, cardboard!?

My favorite review is by Bunny aka Graveyardgirl.

dsc00170If you are looking for a beautiful natural highlight, I suggest, the exact inverse price wise: Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder, a whopping 8 grams for 4,5 Euros, the same product retails in the US under the name Essence Pure Nude Highlighter for 4,5 USD (Catrice owns Essence and are essentially the same brand).

Kathleen Lights gives a great review here.

I wouldn’t be so annoyed at Lancôme if their product retailed at 20 dollars, that would be more inline with an over-hyped plastic rose in a cardboard box.

#lancomeripoff #catricewins #essencewins

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Brand Persona: Natasha Denona

I recently received a Natasha Denona Eye-shadow Palette in my Beautylish Lucky Bag. Until the then I had kind of been following the products and the general verdict on Social Media seemed to be: great eye-shadows, but shocking prices.

The palette I received is the best quality I have ever experienced, it would have retailed at 48 USD and no, I would not have paid that, but I really didn’t know what I was missing, with the knowledge I have now I would, and there are other orders on the way. Having “discovered” the products for myself I then wanted to understand the why? Why are the products so different, why the focus on the shiny and the glossy? Why the focus on “the blackest black?

Natasha Denona is a self-taught make-up artist who runs her own school in Tel Aviv, prior to that she worked as a dancer and model. She grew up internationally raised in Germany and born in Croatia she moved to Israel when she was 18.

If you look up the looks she creates you will see that they are dramatic and bold, glossy, dewy but also hyper-natural. Current make-up trends emphasise the matte, the airbrushed, the flawless, the matte with sparkles, the matte with some sheen but definitely not the dewy. Eyelooks are admired for blended creases and smooth transition shades, false eyelash glam, but please please whatever you do have the face be matte apart from highlighter. Instagram and sharpie eyebrows are still going strong.

This is where Natasha bucks the trend, her looks are very dewy, the looks she does are full on glam, with very striking eye makeup, but minus lashes, minus instabrows and minus matte foundation but plus contour and glowy blush. Due to the dewiness of the looks I term them hyper-natural with many of her models glowing almost into the ethereal. Many of the eye-looks involve no darkening of the crease whatsoever, watching her work is more like watching a painter than your traditional make-up artist.

I find this work very exciting. It takes me back to some of the looks of the 70’s but majorly improved upon and created using the incredible products of her product line. As such I expect her to influence further shifts and trends in the makeup world. If you are interested in seeing what I see, here is her YouTube channel :).

P.S. Natasha Denona products are currently on sales with pretty large reductions at BeautyBay.

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Best of the Best: Makeup 2016

The year is coming to a close and what an exciting makeup year it was. I thought it fun to list out the very best products I have enjoyed this year. Do note that I am writing from the perspective of a pale skinned, cool toned person, who has fine lines and some wrinkles. My requirements of products may be different to yours. When I list products ranked, it means that I think all the products listed are great, I just have a slight preference for the higher ranked product. Disappointing products are not on this list. So without further ado, let’s get started in the order I would normally apply products.


Joint 1st place to Guerlain’s D’Or (non-silicone based) & Becca’s Backlight Radiance Primer (silicone based). Both are beautiful. The Guerlain L’Or was overhyped earlier in the year on YouTube, but still a lovely product in its own right. Just pricey, but great for experienced skin and who knows, maybe it really does have a lifting effect. The Becca primer is amazing, wonderful glow. I wrote a post about my favorite product combinations with it. An absolute must-have in my opinion.


#1) Shiseido Synchro Skin. This stuff is a dream, looks beautifully natural, stays put, wears beautifully, no creeping into fine lines or wrinkles, great coverage, extremely lightweight, medium to full cover, easy to build, can easily be sheared out. A miracle!

#2) Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Extreme Cover. The limited Shade Range and weirdness of the shades delegates this to second. Apart from that it performs just as well as the Shiseido, with full cover. This is extra great if you can’t find a good concealer for the under-eye area. With this foundation you shouldn’t need one.


Under Eye: Maybelline Age Rewind. Of all the concealers I have tested (18 so far) this outperforms even the most high-end in cover and in its ability to restrain from creeping into fine lines. For hiding blemishes: L’Oreal Infallible stick concealer stays put for a very long time.

Finishing/Setting Powder:

Laura Mercier Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder. I don’t need a powder to bake, just to finish and this powder is beautiful. Wonderful glow, almost impossible to overdo it. A discovery of December, I thoroughly enjoy it.


Smashbox Contour Palette. I have been using this for 3 years and did a lot of research to see if I could find one better, but I failed. The contour shade in the light/medium palette is just perfect for my skintone and this remains my go to.


Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer, in the unimaginatively named shade: “Bronzer”. I own a lot of bronzers, so making it to the top is a great achievement. Lovely smooth application, natural looking shade and stays put all day.


Joint 1st to Milani’s Luminoso & Lancome’s Blush Subtil in Brun Roche. Luminoso is such a beautiful peach shade, it suits so many skin tones. Being a drugstore brand it’s also very affordable, even from Europe via Amazon (it’s a US brand).  Brun Roche is a brown toned Rose, very subtle and very natural looking with great staying power. Wouldn’t want to give up either of these.


Becca Moonstone Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed. Just perfection.

Eyeshadow Palette:

Tarte’s tarteist™ PRO Amazonian Clay Palette. Having hooded eyes, I am not to bothered by reports of 5 colors muddying together when blended, because on hooded eyes you really don’t use that many colors. I may use up to 4 and they are not all the same tone, meaning I don’t experience those complaints. What I do experience is great color payoff, blendability and staying power and a very attractive shade range for a cool toned person like me. Love it.


Too Faced Better than Sex. I have lost count of the mascara’s I have tested this year, but I always come back to this one. Great volume and lengthening. Manages to make me look like I am wearing falsies and believe me, my natural lashes are nothing to write home about. Maybelline’s The Falsies Push Up Drama nearly upstaged this one, except I seem to be slightly allergic to one of the ingredients. I would still recommend that others try it out. At that price point, if it turns out you are allergic it’s no biggie, but if not; it really is a fabulous mascara.

Liquid Eyeliner: still searching for a holy grail

Pencil Eyeliner:

Cargo Swimmables. Formulated for the water ballet, in lovely shades these stay put on the waterline all day.

Liquid Lipstick:

TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes. I dedicated a whole post to these fabulous liquid lipsticks. Love, love, love, beating these would be a tall order.

Traditional Lipstick Favorite formula:

Mac’s Satin. I love this formula, it doesn’t feather out and has a nice smooth application & finish, not glossy, but also not thoroughly matte. My favorite shade is “Amorous”, beautiful for the fall/winter.

Best Lipliner:

Mac’s Pro Longwear Lip Pencil, as the name says, a long wearing dependable friend, it applies smoothly, no skipping or tugging.

Best Lipstick Primer:

Guerlain’s KissKiss Liplift plumps, fills in fine lines, cancels out pigment and keeps your lipstick on about twice as long. A great product.

Gloss: still no holy grail

Lip Plumper:

Glamglow Plumprageous Gloss Lip Treatment gives me the plump without the pain. This year I tried 4 plumpers and this is my winner. This product will not be suitable for everyone as everyone’s lips react differently to different plumpers. I experienced no real pain with any plumper. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme did a slightly better job of plumping, but around 2 days later my skin would peel. I do not experience with the Glamglow product, where I get a minty tingle and my lips actually get conditioned and plumped.

Setting Spray:

Urban Decay All Nighter keeps everything on from dawn to dusk until it gets taken off. I only use this if I am out for the evening.

So, that’s it folks! I am excited about the new discoveries I will make in the coming year, thanks for reading along and making them with me.

Final Xmas Gift Post – Luxury & Affordable Stocking Fillers

Ho ho ho! This is my last post of this weeks theme and it has been the one I have been most looking forward to. If your imagination is all “imaginated-out” here are my thoughts on beauty stocking fillers to please pretty much anyone.

High-end: Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze & Glow. Retailing at 65 Euros (Net-a-porter). This certainly is on the more expensive side, but who wouldn’t love to get that glow in their stocking? It comes it two shade combinations, medium to light and medium to dark. Boootiful!

Friend with expensive taste who wants Artis brushes? They don’t need an Artis brush for foundation, whatmybeautysecretbrushetudehouse they do need is: Etude House My Beauty Tool Secret Brush. This foundation brush is amazing. Everyone I have used one on has immediately fallen in love, it provides beautiful non-streaky coverage sheering out the heaviest of foundations to a beautiful finish. The brush is super soft, and cleans very easily. Compared to using a beauty blender I save over 30% of time using this brush. It is sturdily made, way better than the Artis dupes where the head snaps off. It retails at around 14 Euros/USD and is available via Amazon, but also seen on i-herb. You will not regret it.

Tarte have two mini palettes, each retailing at 23USD at Sephora each with their nice Amazonian Clay Formula. They are the Tartelette Tease and the Tarteist Pro to Go Amazonian Clay Palette.

Glamglow masks are pretty hot right now.  Glamglow prides itself on offering instant results. I have tested 3 of these masks. They claim is true, they may not be miracle workers, but the masks certainly do work. They have small pots retailing at 22 USD (o.5 Oz – 15ml), just be sure to choose the right one for the skin type of the recipient.

Lush is a fabulous place to get Stocking Fillers, but even if the item is small, you want to be sure it is suitable for the recipient. Mask of Magnaminty is hugely popular and  suits all skintypes. Smaller pots retail at around 15 USD. If you have friends or relatives who don’t like Lush which you’d like to convert, the bubble bars Brightside and the Comforter might be your best bet. As the user can portion them having multiple baths out of one bar, that way also being able to control the scent levels, the Comforter is a pleasant but not overpowering floral and Brightside is a pleasant citrus. Got a man not into all that girly stuff, win him over with an Intergalactic bath bomb, it exudes a very male aftershave aroma.

That’s all folks, happy shopping!

Kevyn Aucoin – “Does it get any better than this?” Gift

How many of us have got a palette containing the perfect contour, bronze, highlight and blush for our skintones? The most likely answer would be: very few of us. For medium to light cool skintones there is a fabulous palette out there by Kevyn Aucoin, and from what I understand it is limited edition, so yeah that’s a gift, maybe for me, maybe for you 😀

The “Contour Palette” is perfect for the party season and for travel. I have quite a few palettes with different face products in them, but none that contain everything you need and Kevyn Aucoin is particularly high quality. The contour is great cool tone and the bronze is a great bronze, no oompa loompa orange risk. The blush give a very natural looking flush. It usually retails at 58USD, but it’s currently on sale at Sephora for only 36USD (oops I paid full price) for a total of 12 grams of product (3 per pan).

This may be the most useful palette you will own 😀

A great “trial size”set by Becca, that punches above it’s weight and would make a great Gift

Happy Thursday everyone! Inline with our theme for this week I wanted to share a trial size set I have been enjoying that I think would make a great gift.

Many of you may be aware that Becca is not generally readily available in Europe, some products are, but at a pretty steep mark up. It only makes sense then, given the very personal nature of makeup shopping, for European shoppers to be prudent. So test type sets are really welcome and I have found a really good one.

beccaThe Becca Radiant Glow Collection is comprised of Under Eye Brightening Corrector (0,1 oz.) Moonstone Powder Highlighter (0,085 Oz) Liquid Highlighter in the Shade Opal (0,17 Oz) Beach Tint Lip  Shimmer in Raspberry / Opal (0,08 Oz). This set suits medium to light skin tones and retails in Germany at 31,67 Euros. This is a hefty price for little product and most likely retails for less in your local country.

Despite the hefty price I paid for this set (over 30 Euros via Amazon), I think it is worth it for the following reasons: The eye brightening corrector is the best I have tested so far for for under eye dark circle camouflage. The small amount of product offered will last a very long time. As with all camouflage products, you do need to let it set for a short time before applying other products above, then you will see the best coverage.

The powder moonstone highlighter is legendary. Let’s be honest, what is the likelihood of hitting pan on any highlighter? Very slim, so the small amount of product is no real issue here. The liquid highlighter in Opal, is best applied using the finger followed by a stippling brush, a step I am a bit too lazy for, but the shade Opal make this suitable for your more medium and darker medium skin tones (whereas moonstone might be a bit too light).

The Lip Gloss applies in multiple shades, it can be used for an ombre effect or can be blended. It has a raspberry aroma, inline with it’s name and s very enjoyable and natural looking, either as a lip tint or a balm depending on how you blend it.

I live in Germany and here this set would count as something exclusive with exquisite products. This may vary depending on the reputation the brand has in your country and the price point. Regardless of this, for light to medium skin tones the set is well put together. Provided the giftees skin tone is within this range, they will have joy with at least 3 out of the 4 products in the set. I am super pleased with it and hope many others enjoy the set too.



The most beautiful Glow for the Holidays!

Having written just a few days ago about a major disappointment here: Warning: Beautiful Glitterbomb 😦  I can now write about the exact opposite: Sheen and glow madness by Mac! Specifically the “Extra Dimension Skinfinish”. This stuff is boooootiful! Duochrome, the color shifts mean that what you get is not exactly what you see in the pan. I got the shade Double Gleam which has the most neutral shift. The other shades are Beaming Blush which is pinkish in the pan but shifts gold once on the skin, Show Gold which is gold in the pan and shifts pink on the skin, and finally Soft Frost, white in the pan with a purple shift.

This stuff is pure sheen, in the shade I chose, no glitter bomb, but the most insane sheen. I may have to get Show Gold too.

The highlighter to end all highlighter, just beautiful. I am also super lucky as now they are sold out. For the benefit of everyone else I hope they restock soon. Roll on the glowy holiday season!

Warning: Beautiful Glitterbomb :(

Happy Thursday everyone,

I am a makeup junkie and you can never have enough highlighters 😉 With the holidays coming up, I spotted this beautiful art work.  This my fellow glow pros is the Dior Nude Air Luminizer in “Skyline” and retails at 53,99 Euros. It is the most beautiful highlighter I have ever seen, and has received awesome online reviews, and then I swatched it. 

diorskylineIt would not pick up on a brush, (kind of unfortunate for a highlighter), I had to dig my fingers in to get any pigment and had to apply it on my face with my fingers like you would a poor quality glitter eye shadow. The salesperson was as shocked as I was. Sitting on the face due to the application, it sat, like a beautiful golden stripe. When I blended it out it just dissipated into a puff of glitter. Now I get that this is for the holidays, so I get that it might be sparkly. But, in the pan it gives you no hint of how glittery it is, sitting in the pan you would think that this just has an amazing sheen. It didn’t, it was all glitter and with the slightest of blending, that’s all there was, no highlight, just a faint glitter trail.

I am so glad I went into the store to buy it. As a junkie I would have ordered it online but was near my local store so went in. For that price point I am looking for real sheen and glow, if I want glitter I can go with drugstore.

Fellow glow pros be warned.


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