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More damaged Hair Saviors by Bumble and Bumble

Happy Sunday everyone,

as I never fail to remind you that I have extremely over-processed hair I am always happy to share products I am using which help make it look awesomely healthy, thereby misleading the entire world as to what the genuine state is 🙂

The first Bumble and Bumble products I have been testing is the BB Mending Masque. Having used shampoo, you put this product on and leave it for 10 minutes, it replaces your normal conditioner. Instructions say to use it once per week.

bumblemendingmasqueUser experience: The product rinses out easily and the hair is left feeling thoroughly nourished, but the most damaged areas were still in need of extra help. On the whole it performed well and I think it would work for someone who has pretty severe damage, but not to the level of mine where my hair untreated feels like plastic.

Ingredients and Actives: The ingredients of this hair masque are pretty basic. In order of concentration, the highest concentration is water, emulsifier, then silicone, then esters (provide slip along with silicone), then various proteins and vitamins, the first oil mentioned being squalane at rank 23. The marketing blurb highlights Panthethine which is Vitamin B5 and is used as a dietary supplement to reduce turning gray and hair loss. Application in a wash off product can not be expected to be effective. I appreciate the proteins and vitamin int his formula, but would have preferred to see squalane higher on the ingredient list with less silicone. It retails at 39,45 Euros for 150ml and I think there are more effective products out there (for example Philip Kingsleys Elastizer), but I do appreciate using this every now and again specifically to get the proteins in my hair that other products do not offer. So it is a good addition to my hair care, but I will not solely rely on this for a mask.

Next up is the BB Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer. This is, without doubt, the best heat protector I have ever used! This has fantastic ingredients and picks up exactly where the masque fails. 

bbsprayUser experience: The products is in a small bottle which a small spray nozzle, the mist sprayed is very fine and distributes product evenly on the hair. The comb glides through the hair easily . All damaged hair emerges from blow drying in awesome soft healthy shiny condition.

Ingredients: Listed in levels of concentration is water, emulsifier, then it goes straight onto real great oils, grape seed, almond, macadamia, coconut, argan, safflower, then some proteins with silicone ranked 16th followed by glycerin.

This product creates great results without relying on silicone to create the illusion of conditioning, focusing instead on fast absorbing and partially very lightweight oils to deliver. I have used half the bottle and am really nervous about running out (goes straight to online shopping). It retails at 25,45 Euros for 250 ml ( 8.5 Fl OZ). I highly recommend it.

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Product Review: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer – saving damaged hair

I recently was fortunate to receive a trial size of Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (40ml) in a Look Fantastic box.I had already heard quite a lot about it on YouTube and given the general very damaged state of my hair I had really high hopes. I watched an Interview with Philip Kingsley on YouTube where he tells how he developed it for Audrey Hepburn, that it restores elasticity to hair and I had a creeping suspicion of over-hype.. I then read the ingredients and was intensely underwhelmed. The main active ingredients are castor oil, olive oil, glycerin, silicone and some elastin. The rest are pretty much just emulsifiers and surfectants (nothing wrong with that, just don’t think they actually do something to your hair).

I had also heard some complaints about the requirement to wet the hair, apply it in sections, let it sit for 20 minutes, wear a cap while it is sitting for twenty minutes and then washing it out, followed by shampoo and conditioner.

Here a home truth: hair absorbs oils best when wet, this is an age old fact and not specific to this product. The applying in sections and wearing a cap are overkill, you do not need to do it. Spritzing the hair with a water spray (like a plant mister, or the spray you might use for ironing) and then applying it thorough and generously to the hair, then waiting 20 minutes are all the steps you need to do. I used the 20 minutes to do a face mask at the same time, so no time lost.

Performance: I was surprised, given how simple the ingredients are at how well the product performed.Immediately upon rinsing I could tell that my hair was super soft. I have not experienced that level of softness with any other treatment.

In order to do a fair test, I decided to use it followed by a shampoo that is not super gentle, following by my standard Tigi very effective conditioner. Post this my hair was no longer so soft. I think the steps of shampooing and conditioning remove part of the oil effect and am pretty sure that the elastin does not really remain.

I also almost entirely used up the full 40ml. The product retails at 30Euros for 100ml, that would result in 3 applications.

I have a suggestion on how to get more effect from the product. I would apply the elasticizer, and then just before washing the product off, go into my hair roots with a mild baby shampoo to remove grease from the roots and wash it all out in one go. Then forget the additional shampooing and conditioning. I would expect there to be more benefit from the elastin that way.

All in all the product worked really well on my very damaged hair, just for the price point and given the amount of use I would get from a pot, it’s not really affordable. I think the usage instructions inhibit the performance and I get a better effect by using a Keratin/Protein conditioner as the last step rather than the first.

Current winning Product Combinations for very damaged Hair & One Loser

Happy Saturday! Here’s a little insight into what is currently helping keep my severely damaged hair look super healthy and shiny. It’s a fine balance to keep between having conditioning, rebuilding whilst preventing product build up. Here are the products that help me in that.

During the week: my standard shampoo and conditioner are by Tigi Bed Head. I find their tigi“urban anti+dotes resurrection”  @ level 3 do a really good job of just keeping up basic condition the week. Tigi claims these products are for “weak brittle hair that needs intervention” and that “great results may cause your hair’s ego to inflate to astronomical proportions!”. Now, I’m generally critical of misleading marketing jargon, but this one I really dig. I much prefer fun hyperbole to misleading subtleties.

I picked this combo up at my local TK Maxx, for a total of 25 Euros, which really is fantastic value for money as the condition alone is 750ml (25.36 Fl Oz) and the shampoo is 250ml (8.45 Fl Oz), so a lot of product for the money. It is also widely available for example at Ulta, Amazon etc.. There are good deals on bundles which are definitely worth picking up. The same range also has a hair masks which I am sure to try out. Plus the scent is really nice. These products are really good for pretty darn damaged hair, but my damage is to the next level which is why….

moaInnosys MOA Melaleuca Omega 3 Argan & Keratin Hair Treatment Mask is a godsend.  The packaging is totally uninspiring, you get no idea how fantastic the product is. On days I am not using Tigi (pretty much every third wash), I wash my hair with Edward Beal Anti-Brass + Gloss Argan Oil Shampoo ( I have blond hair) and then apply the hair mask and let it sit for only 3 minutes. Following that my hair will need nothing else.

The MOA hair mask helps rebuild the damage with keratin and of course the Argan oil along with the other oils it contains including avocado, linseed, tea tree and aloe help condition. I was lucky enough to pick it up again pretty cheaply. I can find the product line of the manufacturers website, but this product appears to have been discontinued. The only location I could find it selling is the TK Maxx UK website for just under 8 GBP. So if you are in the UK and have damaged hair, grabbing this might be a one-off opportunity.

I continue to use Olaplex once per week to rebuild the broken bonds in my hair and “Damaged” hot oil treatment by Lush.

All in all, this combination of products along with only using only cool air with a silk serum spray to style my hair with my Rowenta Hot Air Brush (with Tourmalin and Keratin coating) makes my hair look super healthy, only I and you reading this know the truth 😉

alterna-repair-fill_fix_treatment_masqueOne product that was super expensive and just didn’t have the power it professed, was Alterna’s Caviar Repair Fill & Fix Treatment Masque. It cost me 52,95 Euros and due to the price point I was very disappointed. It may be good for dry and slightly damaged hair, but for hair that has been colored more than once or permed hair this is not powerful enough.

Product Surprise: Lush Damaged Hot Oil Treatment

Happy Saturday! As you may know, I have pretty badly damaged hair and am constantly looking for products that will make it manageable and make it feel like hair rather than plastic.

damaged_I bought this Lush’s Damaged Hot Oil Treatment quite a few weeks ago, but I was skeptical, so it took me quite a while to try it out. With the level of damage I have, I am looking for rebuilding and not just hot oils for conditioning, but this product as it turns out is a little special.

The product consists of following oils: olive, almond & avocado with vanilla, sodium bicarbonate and emulsifiers.

How to use: get your little stick of oils and stand it in a small container, such as a cup or even an empty lush pot and pour boiling water over it and stir the product around, as it is on a stick this is pretty simple. Quickly a thick paste will develop. Depending on the length of your hair there is no need to dissolve the entire product. I gauge that I can get at least of 2,5 uses out of what is on the stick (chin length hair). The consistency that developed for me was like a thick lotion, which didn’t even feel particularly oily, making it really easy to apply. So you apply it all all over your hair and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then you rinse it off. Many users have complained that it is difficult to rinse out, well oil would be. I lathered up a mild shampoo into it and it rinsed out very easily.

The verdict: It left my hair well conditioned and feeling like hair again. The comb glided through it easily whilst wet. To put it even more to the test I blow dried my hair on cool with no protective product. It left a great shine and it feels silky and in great condition. So a huge thumbs up for damaged hair! “Damaged” retails at 9,95 Euros, 10,95 USd a good price for a deep conditioner with at least 2 uses. Happy me:


Olaplex – Savior for over-processed Hair

Happy Sunday! Yesterday I discovered the savior for my hair – yes I really am that hyped!

I have fine hair, which is colored and in such poor condition that should I just wash it, I could not let it dry by itself as I would not be able to comb it. The structure is just plastic. I have used all the general commercially known deep conditioners including oils etc, and whilst one in particular (Tigi) did make things better, the general structure of the hair did not improve and it was evident that I would not be able to grow my hair whilst maintaining the awesome color. That is until yesterday.

My hairdresser has started using Olaplex. Olaplex’s product repair the hair by rebuilding disulfide bonds. These are the bonds between the keratin proteins in your hair. These bonds are deliberately destroyed when you get for example a perm, the bonds are split and then reset to make your straight hair curly. The bonds being reset takes time which is also why you are not supposed to wash your hair immediately after a perm. The bonds also get damaged by heat, coloring and bleach.

In the Salon this is applied as a two step process, and for kicks and giggles here’s a pic of 15025118_1838531102830202_2486518495563421317_ome getting phase one done and joking that there’s a crocodile moat around my neck. The first phase can be carried out during coloration, with the second phase being done once complete. The process can also be done with the two steps one after the other.

Phase 3 is a take home product, which you can buy online. For my German readers, you can get it from Douglas online, in the US from the Olaplex website. The take home product (Phase 3) is to be used once per week to continue to protect the hair. Yeah and of course the first thing I did when I got home from the hairdressers is buy it 😀

The cost of the salon treatment was around 30 Euros. When you are spending a lot of fantastic color and cut, the Olaplex treatment certainly is the lesser expense.

My hair is completely different since yesterday, it seems to have turned from what was plastic back into hair. I can only hope the effect remains. It’s shiny, silky and soft exactly the way anyone would want their hair to be. As master of bad selfies Here’s me when it was just done, excited would be an understatement: olaplex

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