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Reviewing an Obscure Palette: Mrs Bella by BH Cosmetics

Browsing through a local drugstore I was surprised to find a BH Cosmetics Palette displayed on the bottom row of an end shelf. Surprised as I have never seen BH Cosmetics in German drugstores, having never tried the brand I grabbed the opportunity and paid only 17,50 Euros for my adventure of 12 shades being 14 grams of product.

I found the name of the palette a bit odd, so asking google I discovered that this is a YouTuber collab, with a German Beauty Guru called MrsBella, who I had never heard of. Here is her channel so check her out.

First impressions: The palette is cardboard and sleek the format similar to a Lorac Pro. The graphic design is not my taste. Light pink with silver font and no imagery or perceptible design apart from a circle and silver lines is pretty plain. In my personal opinion the uninspired look struck me as cheap and loveless. Perhaps a rushed product. I later saw the same type of design on Mrs Bellas channel, maybe that was the reason for it.

Opening the palette, the color selection is unusual, some mid tone taupy browns, combining cool with warm, matte and shimmer with mustard (!) would not normally be a scheme that would attract me. But, in recognition of that I thought hey, let’s try something new, and not just for today, for a number of days.

Actual use: The quality of the shades turned out to be pretty darn outstanding, mattes that glided on very smoothly and blended well with very little fallout, shimmers that were of medium pigmentation, made the palette really easy to work with. The colors lasted pretty much all day on the lid, fading around 5pm a bit. I really like the formula. There are two highlighters included in the palette, one a bit pinky and one a bit gold, not really my style, they are nice eyeshadow toppers though that you can use to transform your shadows. There is not any yucky glitter only shimmer in the the eyeshadows and the highlighters (yay!)

Overall: I am very pleasantly surprised by this palette and would recommend it to anyone looking for some everyday office suitable shades. The quality was incredibly good on par with some very high-end products. I highly recommend it and look forward to working with more shades I would not usually use.

I think if BH Cosmetics were able to devote some more energy to the look of their products and their distribution they would have better success on the market. I hope they do, this is a great product and deserves more attention.


Beauty Gurus Boredom

I watch a lot of YouTube. Maybe too much? That’s probably why I find myself agreeing with “Makeup Struggles” Gurus all seem to be doing the same thing, she has some great suggestion on how it could be different.

SISLEY: A 3 Month Test of the most Expensive Primer on the Market

It was almost a year ago that Sisley’s Double Tenseur Primer started making a splash in the Beauty Community. At that price it was not something I was eager to try out, but given that I have slowly but surely stocked up on all makeup necessities, there has come a stage to look into things that might just not be worth it and retailing at 192 USD for 1 oz, this could be amongst them.

When a product is so expensive, a first-impressions isn’t really what it’s about, I tested Double Tenseur over a period of 3 months.

Performance: You don’t need a lot of product and it does a great job of smoothing out the skin. Prior to using it, I used Guerlain L’Or on most of my face and Benefit’s Porefessional on large pores. Using this Sisley primer I could use this all over the face, as  it dealt with large pores really well. It did not feel heavy on the face and had a pleasant botanical smell. Of all the primers I have used; it delivered best on keeping makeup on the longest, even when it is blazing hot and you are having a “glowy” day. It does not play well though with strong setting sprays over longer periods. It sets on the skin creating (as advertised) a mesh whilst also sinking into the skin. On very hot days (ie you sweat under your makeup) having a strong setting spray on top of foundation such as Urban Decay’s All Nighter or Chill, will lead the makeup to breakup if you touch your face and wipe off in layers. This sounds very alarming, but it isn’t. If I left out setting spray, the primer kept everything on wonderfully.

Why is it so expensive? Sisley is expensive anyway, but this primer is skincare. It claims to help firm and lift  the skin over time using botanical extracts. I have experienced improvements in my skin since starting to use this. The botanicals and their (alleged) virtues are listed like this on the Sisley website: “Rhatany extract: astringent and toning, contributes to an immediate lifting effect. Lemon extract : astringent and toning. Oat seed extract: “3D lifter” active ingredient. Tiger Nut extract : restores the skin’s elasticity. Cotton extract: regenerating and replenishing. Red Vine extract: anti-free radicals. Watercress extract: tones and revitalizes. Biosaccharide solution : instant and long-term moisturizing properties. Plant-origin glycerin : moisturizes and softens.

Would I repurchase? Yes, although it is very expensive, I use very little product, it does what it says in the advertising and does this with great ingredients which benefit my skin. I am at the age, where I need the products that go onto my skin to all be anti-aging and I appreciate products that work, as as we age I don’t want to waste time on those that don’t.

Totally worth the hype.

How to get the best out of your ABH Subculture Palette

The last days have been marked by outrage over Anastasia Beverly Hill’s new eyeshadow palette called “Subculture”. Expectations were high for this palette as the previous released “Modern Renaissance Palette” was one of the most popular palettes of last year. Announced as a sister palette to Modern Renaissance, Consumers and YouTube “Beauty Gurus” by and large expected it to be the same, albeit in a different color scheme. Quickly they discovered it is not.

There then ensued a plethora of “WTF” videos and consumers planning to return the palette before they had ever received it. This was then followed by videos theorizing about: Why???

If this is all news to you, I’d like to save you some time clicking through all the dramatic videos and direct you towards Stephanie Nicole’s which is the best informed one out there, her content will save me a lot of typing here.

So, how can you work with the palette and get good results?

  1. Prime and use a smooth powder shadow over the primer, do not have patches which are wet, they will grab pigment and wet pigment goes dark. The shade “Dawn” from the palette creates a good base from eyelid to brow bone.
  2. Use fluffy crease brushes (small, ideally natural hair if you have them, they hold color better). Flat shaders for packing color will not help, the reason why is coming up…
  3. When dipping into the shadow just let the tip of your brush graze the shadow lightly. These shadows are enormously pigmented, treat them like a pigment, if you get too much color on your brush you will have difficulties.
  4. Use your brush on your eyelid as if you are painting in light strokes, do not pack on pigment and then try to blend it out. It doesn’t work. Blending strokes will wipe the color off. Instead build color with light feathery strokes.
  5. If you are concerned about fallout use shadow shields or do your eyes first followed by your face makeup.

In the picture below which was my first attempt at using the palette I used a shadow shield, but with the progress made using as you can see dark shades, there was not a single speck of fallout using the technique I described above.


The brushes I used were a Wayne Goss no. 4 small crease brush, a Wayne Goss no. 5 detail brush and the best brush of all a small fluffy crease brush bought in German drugstore chain Rossmann for under 3 Euros by the brand “For Your Beauty”. This is quite possibly the best brush I have ever had (I have six of them). The ELF small crease brush will work just as well.



Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad: worth 82 Bucks?

In a mad moment of shopaholism I bought a Tom Ford Eye Quad. They were all there in front of me laid out like jewels in Berlin’s most exclusive department store, I chose the one whose colors spoke to me: Last Dance. I paid no attention to the price, just wanting to have a little luxury.

A few weeks has passed and it’s time to answer the question: Was it worth it?

User Experience: The packaging is beautiful and on opening comes with a sponge applicator and a very small brush. Due to the brush, this means that you can use these tools for a look whilst travelling.  I enjoy the color selection. 3 satin shades and one metallic. At a first glance the satins look like mattes, but they are satin. Combing the satins give nice workday looks, the petrol blue metallic is a lovely pop to be combined for glamor. I started working with what I thought were mattes, and discovered they were satins, but not too in your face, we have a khaki green, a brown and a light yellow. The are easily combined as yellow for highlight, brown for crease/transition and green for lid. They apply really nicely and blend very well with no fallout. Then I used the metallic petrol blue. This did not want to pick up on neither natural nor synthetic fiber brush, in application with the brush there was little product, little pigment and fallout all over my face. I do not mind applying metallics with my finger, but for over 80 dollars, why can’t Tom Ford get the formula right where others such as Natasha Denona do? This is an unfortunate detraction from a great color combination quad.

So was it worth it? No, I really love this quad and I will save it for special occasion and I really do appreciate it, but for over 80 dollars they should do better. Consumers should not  have to put up with poor formula to own a luxury brand.

Behind the Brand: Stephanie Nicole’s Viseart & Muse Beauty Interview

Ever wondered why those Viseart shadows are so expensive? Who does the work behind the scenes? How the products are produced?

YouTuber Stephanie Nicole interviews the Heads of Viseart and Muse Beauty to find out:

Brand New from Shiseido: Synchro Skin Glow, Luminizing Fluid Foundation

Unusual for me, again I benefit from a product launch hitting the shelves in Europe. I am a huge fan of Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation, it is long-wearing and due to some super special technology I can not explain, combined with it being oil free it does not travel during the day, meaning it does not gather in fine lines and wrinkles. As it is matte, and I love glow; I was very excited to hear that Shiseido would be launching a luminous version. called: Synchro Skin Glow, Luminizing Fluid Foundation. It arrived about two weeks ago and here is my resume of testing it.

DSC00366First impressions: The foundation comes in the same packaging as the normal synchro skin, except that the glass bottle is transparent rather than frosted. This means that straight away you can gauge the shade and see that the fluid has got a glow to it. The foundation has SPF 20.

User Experience: The foundation is not quite as liquid as synchro skin, though it is still quite fluid. This makes it a little easier to apply. It does apply easily, blends out really well with an immediate glowy finish that looks as the name says luminous, not oily. Coverage is medium and it can be built to full cover.

Despite the luminizing finish it does not accentuate texture of wrinkles. But it does not hide them as well as it’s matte sister product. Set with a light dusting of powder, during the day it faded gradually, it did not have full day staying power and on areas of the face most touched it was gone by late afternoon. But by early evening the face was generally still well covered, but by 10pm there were only traces left. It did not travel into fine lines or wrinkles. Slight word of warning – it does appear to have microglitter in it, but this is only visible when standing in direct sunlight. I like it, but not everyone will.

It can last all day with a setting spray such as Urban Decay All Nighter.

Would I buy it again? Yes, it’s sister product has better staying power, but the luminous finish of Synchro Skin Glow is just beautiful! I see both products as complementing themselves, the normal Synchro Skin for more traditional type of make up days and the Skin Glow for the more natural glowing look.

Thank you for 1,000 Follows!

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for following me, despite my low activity levels the last weeks!

In recent days I have not been able to post, battling being ill whilst being full required at work means that sometimes life gets in the way of blogging and also in the way of keeping in touch.

Thank you so much for bearing with me, I really appreciate it and thanks for checking in and reading my posts, I hope they have been helpful.

Coming up…

Review of Shiseido’s Brand New Foundation – Tom Ford Lipstick – Charlotte Tilbury Full Look – Mad Hippie Brand Review – Viseart- Natasha Denona – more Highend Hits and Misses.



OMG Shiseido launches Synchro Skin Glow!


synchro skin glowOMG! Shiseido has launched a new sister product to it’s fabulous Synchro Skin Foundation called Synchro Skin Glow!

I love my Synchro Skin it stays put all day and doesn’t gather in fine lines. My order is already on it’s way and I can’t wait to review it.

Until then here’s my review of the “older” sister Shiseido Synchro Skin in my Best of 2017. It’s my favorite all day natural looking foundation.

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