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Beauty Gurus Boredom

I watch a lot of YouTube. Maybe too much? That’s probably why I find myself agreeing with “Makeup Struggles” Gurus all seem to be doing the same thing, she has some great suggestion on how it could be different.


Thank you for 1,000 Follows!

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for following me, despite my low activity levels the last weeks!

In recent days I have not been able to post, battling being ill whilst being full required at work means that sometimes life gets in the way of blogging and also in the way of keeping in touch.

Thank you so much for bearing with me, I really appreciate it and thanks for checking in and reading my posts, I hope they have been helpful.

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Review of Shiseido’s Brand New Foundation – Tom Ford Lipstick – Charlotte Tilbury Full Look – Mad Hippie Brand Review – Viseart- Natasha Denona – more Highend Hits and Misses.



6 Hits & 2 Misses from the Drugstore

Hits: Having almost given up on lipsticks from the Drugstore I have an unexpected hit to report for mature lips. L’Oreal has a beautiful sheer nude lipstick by Jennifer Lopez in their Color Riche range called JLO’s Nude. It’s beautiful with a bit of shimmer, flattering to anyone with lines on their lips. As a sheer color it doesn’t have very good lasting power, but is a joy to wear. The scent is slightly floral but not too overpowering. It’s available at Ulta for only 5,39 USD (it is currently on sale woo hoo)

Sticking with L’Oreal, in my post last Monday I wrote of the advantages of having a great lumiereflattering color for a quick one shade eye look. L’Oreal’s Color Riche L’Ombre Pure in the shade “Lumiere” is perfect for that. Unfortunately these only seem to be available in Europe, but in the UK they are in Boots & Superdrug and in Germany at any L’Oreal display.

I have found quite a few hits for damaged  hair recently. In principle apart from the follicle hair is dead, so all you are really looking for is products that help this look better, therefore haircare products tend to be quite simple in their formulation and there are rarely high-end products that are outstandingly better than those in the drugstore. Here’s a few of my good finds:

Conditioners: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor, smells delicious and comes in superb packaging where the bottle stands on its head allowing you to easily get all of the product out. This is a really nice conditioner, that improves combability.

However even better is: Hask Argan Oil Repairing Conditioner, it also smells pleasant and can be bought in individual use sachets (which give me 2 uses). This product is free of sulphates and parabens and gives even better combability than the Aussie.


You know when you are good and go to the hairdressers every month getting those split cocnutwaterends removed, but then in the weeks after at home you blow dry your hair and damaged hair is sticking up all over the place? Well if you do, Ogx’s Coconut Water weightless Hydration Oil is your new best friend. I either spray this onto my damp hair and style or if I have used other products for that I spray a little to my brush once I am done with styling and brush through and those terrible flyaway damaged hairs behave themselves, plus it makes my hair super glossy.This product has a strong coconut aroma.

And finally on the hits: I am so sorry to write about this, because I think that if you live outside of Germany or Asutria you will not be able to get it. I have long been looking for the perfect hand cream, on that absorbs without icky residue, conditions hands and smells nice. Believe it or not, I have been through countless hand creams and none of them fulfilled these criteria until now. For under 2 Euros, I found hand care heaven in the drugstore brand “treaclemoon”. The product is in small portable 75ml bottles and comes in satsuma, coconut, mallow, raspberry and cherry scents. I now own them all. Each has a slightly different formula depending on how damaged your skin is, but all of them absorb amazingly, all are non-sticky leaving no residue. This brand deserves to be a global hit! If you have relatives in Germany get them to pick some up for you, they can be found in DM.

treaclemoonFinally I have only 2 misses to report: Influenced by YouTube and Blogs I went off and essencelashprincessbought two Essence mascara’s. Both were of the Lash Princess range, one called “false lash effect mascara”, the other called “volume mascara”. Both looked very nice at application, better than I would expect for mascara’s that only cost around 3 Euro’s. But with one of them (can’t remember which) my eye starting itching almost immediately and this continued throughout the day, with the other the mascara flaked off terribly by lunch time.Due to my sensitive eyes, I will be avoiding Essence mascara’s going forward along with maybelline.
That’s all folks!

Thanks to Karina Kaboom for spreading the Word!

Thanks to Karina Kaboom for helping share the information about How Sephora (US) misleads international customers:

The post Karina refers to is here:

For Overseas Beautyholics – Why Sephora is no longer my US Online Retailer of choice

Do be aware that: if you are an international shopper and you attain VIB or VIB Rouge status at Sephora, you will not receive the Points Perks, the Weekly Specials or the Birthday Gift, despite the website telling you that you will (correct at time of press).

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I don’t like these brands because they test on animals…about Accuracy and Credibility in the Beauty Scene

How often do you hear these phrases when you watch YouTubers? Chances are a lot. These phrases are often uttered when discussing brands such as MAC, Estee Lauder and L’Oreal. They are statements that just get put out there and never really seemed to be challenged.
But, there is very little actual evidence to support these claims.

The root of them is usually that the brands sell in China. China does require animal testing for some products that are imported and sold on their market.. The testing however is not conducted by the brand itself, but by government authorized laboratories. Now this is of course not cool. These days the effects of most cosmetic ingredients are well known, generations of animals have already given their lives to prove them and there really is no need for any more to die. In 2014 China lifted the requirement for animal testing on products manufactured in China for the local market, meaning that all these brands could manufacture there, they just may be choosing not to.

However, a government authorized laboratory testing a brand’s products is not the same as the brands doing it themselves. I am not a vegetarian, I eat meat. If a description of me, were to follow the same logic as the argument and conjecture above; I evidently kill chickens myself and eat them. That is not true. Whilst eating meat is also not cool, I do not personally kill animals.

I have recently heard concerns about the future of Too Faced being cruelty free as they have been bought by Estee Lauder, followed by the statement that Estee Lauder tests on animals. I have found no evidence that Estee Lauder tests on animals themselves. They do export to China, where: as I have described above, products may be tested on animals by government laboratories. There is no legitimate reason to assume that Too Faced, just because they have been bought by Estee Lauder, will launch on the Chinese market. If they do, you will see them do it. They will not suddenly be forced to test on animals, just because the parent allegedly does.

If you have heard these statements really often and believe them, you may be wanting me to provide evidence of my statements. I am not going to. The YouTubers provide you no evidence either. Instead I suggest you google and you will see the answers with your own eyes. If you google “does Estee Lauder test on animals?” all you will find is animal rights organizations stating that they do, with no evidence. They will state that they sell to China, for which there is evidence, from that you can understand that third parties will be testing the products on animals.

Ethically, what is the difference? Not much, by eating meat I am accepting that others will kill animals for me. By buying from brands that export to China you are accepting that animals may be harmed, enabling the brand to generate profits. Both are not cool! Both are horrible, but there is no need to mislead. Reality is bad enough.

We live in an age of hyperbole and conjecture. Let’s get real, or risk our credibility in the long term. Let’s be educators and work towards genuine change.

For Overseas Beautyholics – Why Sephora is no longer my US Online Retailer of choice

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I am located in Germany. You may also have deduced that I am a Beautyholic and am willing to pay a lot of money to get my “fix”, but I do expect the retailer to be fair. The following information will be useful for overseas customers.

Towards the second half of 2016 Sephora in the US was my go to place for US brands, mainly due to having pretty much everything under one roof, being able to deal with import duties and taxes already at purchase, reasonable and fast shipping, and because of the much applauded loyalty scheme. 

Well it turns out I can scrap the reasonable from the shipping, as last year it was very reasonable at 10 USD per package, but now its over 20. You may say: yeah but you can pay 10 USD for free 2 day shipping. Nope, as an overseas shopper, I am offered that as a VIB too, but if I try to purchase it, I can’t. See pic below.


I really would not expect to be able to buy the cool shipping option, after all shipping to Germany is expensive. Why it suddenly needs to cost twice what it did just over a month ago, I am not sure.

The other item I can scrap from the argument as to why Sephora is so great: is the loyalty scheme. I have over 600 insider points (see pic above), but whenever I try to redeem them, not a single one of the rewards on offer can be shipped to my location. See evidence below.

You know those weekly specials? I am not allowed them either. Plus most of the samples can not be sent to my location (ironically I am allowed to purchase the full size though), and in my last order the samples I chose and allegedly could ship, weren’t even in the package!


I am a VIB, so I qualify for the 20% off sales. I may take advantage of that, but there is no point in spending money to become Rouge, as I will get nothing for it!

You know who does offer me free shipping (and deals with taxes and duties at purchase)? Beautylish.

So come on Sephora, us overseas customer cost you nothing, we pay our full shipping, we don’t even cost you in samples, at least let us have our rewards the same as everyone else, we even pay for the shipping of them.

Around my birthday, I have already dropped all expectations of getting the gift I qualify for. I guess it won’t be available to ship to my region.

As most of my readers are in the US, this won’t really impact you, but I have a cunning plan. As most of my readers are in the US…. when I recommend a product and it is most readily available at Sephora ,and should you choose to buy it due to my recommendation, I will include a magiclink, meaning that although Sephora may have misled me as an international customer, at least I will be making commission off my recommendations!

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Another awesome Beautylish Lucky Bag Video :)

This time Bunny! AKA Graveyardgirl 😀

I’m still waiting for mine, not holding my breath though!

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More damaged Hair Saviors by Bumble and Bumble

Happy Sunday everyone,

as I never fail to remind you that I have extremely over-processed hair I am always happy to share products I am using which help make it look awesomely healthy, thereby misleading the entire world as to what the genuine state is 🙂

The first Bumble and Bumble products I have been testing is the BB Mending Masque. Having used shampoo, you put this product on and leave it for 10 minutes, it replaces your normal conditioner. Instructions say to use it once per week.

bumblemendingmasqueUser experience: The product rinses out easily and the hair is left feeling thoroughly nourished, but the most damaged areas were still in need of extra help. On the whole it performed well and I think it would work for someone who has pretty severe damage, but not to the level of mine where my hair untreated feels like plastic.

Ingredients and Actives: The ingredients of this hair masque are pretty basic. In order of concentration, the highest concentration is water, emulsifier, then silicone, then esters (provide slip along with silicone), then various proteins and vitamins, the first oil mentioned being squalane at rank 23. The marketing blurb highlights Panthethine which is Vitamin B5 and is used as a dietary supplement to reduce turning gray and hair loss. Application in a wash off product can not be expected to be effective. I appreciate the proteins and vitamin int his formula, but would have preferred to see squalane higher on the ingredient list with less silicone. It retails at 39,45 Euros for 150ml and I think there are more effective products out there (for example Philip Kingsleys Elastizer), but I do appreciate using this every now and again specifically to get the proteins in my hair that other products do not offer. So it is a good addition to my hair care, but I will not solely rely on this for a mask.

Next up is the BB Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer. This is, without doubt, the best heat protector I have ever used! This has fantastic ingredients and picks up exactly where the masque fails. 

bbsprayUser experience: The products is in a small bottle which a small spray nozzle, the mist sprayed is very fine and distributes product evenly on the hair. The comb glides through the hair easily . All damaged hair emerges from blow drying in awesome soft healthy shiny condition.

Ingredients: Listed in levels of concentration is water, emulsifier, then it goes straight onto real great oils, grape seed, almond, macadamia, coconut, argan, safflower, then some proteins with silicone ranked 16th followed by glycerin.

This product creates great results without relying on silicone to create the illusion of conditioning, focusing instead on fast absorbing and partially very lightweight oils to deliver. I have used half the bottle and am really nervous about running out (goes straight to online shopping). It retails at 25,45 Euros for 250 ml ( 8.5 Fl OZ). I highly recommend it.

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Have you already got your Beautylish Lucky Bag?

I was lucky enough to order my Beautylish Lucky Bag for 2017 before they sold out and it is currently on the long way from San Francisco to Berlin. For the uninitiated: Lucky Bags (Fukubukuro) are a Japanese tradition where in retailers will sell you a bag of items, where you do not know what they are, for a fixed price with the guarantee that the goods are worth double the price. In Japan this is a really big deal. To my knowledge Beautylish is the only global Beauty retailer that does Lucky Bags and they ship them globally. Now in their third year they are highly sought after. There is an XL version (open to customers who have spent well during the year) and the normal version. By fluke I managed to snag one of the normal ones.

Today the first lucky bags were received, and I am thoroughly enjoying watching the unboxing videos on YouTube. The products are universally appealing, highly sought after and top quality.

Here some of the videos:

Are you waiting too?

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