Browsing through a local drugstore I was surprised to find a BH Cosmetics Palette displayed on the bottom row of an end shelf. Surprised as I have never seen BH Cosmetics in German drugstores, having never tried the brand I grabbed the opportunity and paid only 17,50 Euros for my adventure of 12 shades being 14 grams of product.

I found the name of the palette a bit odd, so asking google I discovered that this is a YouTuber collab, with a German Beauty Guru called MrsBella, who I had never heard of. Here is her channel so check her out.

First impressions: The palette is cardboard and sleek the format similar to a Lorac Pro. The graphic design is not my taste. Light pink with silver font and no imagery or perceptible design apart from a circle and silver lines is pretty plain. In my personal opinion the uninspired look struck me as cheap and loveless. Perhaps a rushed product. I later saw the same type of design on Mrs Bellas channel, maybe that was the reason for it.

Opening the palette, the color selection is unusual, some mid tone taupy browns, combining cool with warm, matte and shimmer with mustard (!) would not normally be a scheme that would attract me. But, in recognition of that I thought hey, let’s try something new, and not just for today, for a number of days.

Actual use: The quality of the shades turned out to be pretty darn outstanding, mattes that glided on very smoothly and blended well with very little fallout, shimmers that were of medium pigmentation, made the palette really easy to work with. The colors lasted pretty much all day on the lid, fading around 5pm a bit. I really like the formula. There are two highlighters included in the palette, one a bit pinky and one a bit gold, not really my style, they are nice eyeshadow toppers though that you can use to transform your shadows. There is not any yucky glitter only shimmer in the the eyeshadows and the highlighters (yay!)

Overall: I am very pleasantly surprised by this palette and would recommend it to anyone looking for some everyday office suitable shades. The quality was incredibly good on par with some very high-end products. I highly recommend it and look forward to working with more shades I would not usually use.

I think if BH Cosmetics were able to devote some more energy to the look of their products and their distribution they would have better success on the market. I hope they do, this is a great product and deserves more attention.