Happy Tuesday,

As you may have guessed I have been pretty busy doing long term product testing during my hiatus of 3 months. This eye cream is one of them and has been tested for a period of two months. Magic Eye Rescue retails at 55 Euros / 60 USD for 15ml, this is quite pricey for the small amount, but it comes in an oversize pot that gives the impression that you get more than you do.

If you read the blurb on her website you will expect nothing short of a miracle in using this cream, but that applies to most eye cream brands, so my expectations were moderate.

What makes it special? It has slow release retinol, which should absorb into the delicate skin around the eyes without irritation. It also contains a sugar complex. that boosts hydration.

Performance: Application is pleasant, a medium weight gel consistency with a pleasant fragrance, it spreads evenly and absorbs very quickly and feel very pleasant on the skin. I perceived instant improvements when I first started using it the area under the eyes appeared immediately plumped and wrinkles diminished. I no longer notice this as the results are maintained through consistent use.

Results over time: The wrinkles under my eyes have visibly diminished, prior to use they would be greatly exaggerated by makeup application, now they are so diminished that they are hardly noticeable. I also no longer need to use extra hydrating primers under the eyes, my normal primer works just fine.

Would I repurchase? Definitely.