Last week I had the worst cold of my life, I think most would classify it as full blown flu. A few days before I got the cold from hell I started using Retinol 1% by the Ordinary. I have been using Retinol products since August last year, I have always striven to use the “best” and whilst I have seen some improvements, they have never been particularly noticeable until last week. So I used the Ordinary’s product two nights in a row, by the third morning and all of a sudden my skin started peeling and not in a dry patch type way, but in a baby snake sheds its skin kind of way. I was speechless, there was no dryness, no irritation, it was just lovely fresh skin wanting to get to the surface asap. So that was great and impressive! I could peel the skin off nearly my entire face within 2 days simply by lifting the edges (yeah I know that sounds gross and it was gross, but hey this is an anti-aging blog!). So this product really works!!!

Unfortunately I was then struck by the cold from hell, (yeah more grossness ahead). That cold  pretty much involved a waterfall of snot coming from my nose. My nose was rubbed so raw by it, it was literally bleeding. Every product I put on to help stung and none really made a difference. I was pretty miserable, face still peeling, incredibly ill and a bleeding nose area. I few weeks previous I did a really naughty Charlotte Tilbury (yeah guilty, I did not tell you about that), as result they gave me a rather large sample of Charlotte’s Magic Cream, a product I had flat out refused to buy in store, believing it be over-hyped and unnecessary due to my multiple step skincare that revolves around individual actives. Well seeing as nothing had worked I thought, hell, why not try this? Charlotte’s Magic Cream IS MAGIC. Around my raw nose area it genuinely cooled and the entire area was healed within 2 days. The cream feel fabulous overall on the skin providing great fast absorbing moisture and creating a comfortable barrier against moisture loss. I am converted. I looked up the ingredients on her website and they really are great. I generally use about 4 to 5 serums topped with a moisturizer and then primer etc.. Using this cream I use only two serums, a hyaluronic acid complex and a vitamin c serum, then follow with the cream, it’s all I need. I will be purchasing the full size.

The third miracle item I need to tell you about is the Dr Jart+ Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution™ sheet mask. My cold hit me whilst my face was still peeling. This mask did a fabulous job of cooling my skin and providing hydration helping keep my skin in as good condition as possible during the retinol peeling and the fever caused by my illness.

Now that I am better, I have received compliments EVERY day for my skin! I am really glad I have found these products and hope they can help you too.