Being in Germany it is not often that I get new releases, but taaaraaa: Zoeva is a German brand, so I quickly got my hands on this gem.

ZOEVA-Lidschattenpaletten-Matte_SpectrumTogether with a Contour Kit and a few Highlighting Palettes Zoeva has just released this all matte Eyeshadow Palette with 15 matte shades. I wanted to get this palette, because it has become the norm for palettes to be either cool or warm tone, this is a rare palette where you find orange with blue and green, a genuine rainbow spectrum but all in matte.

First impressions: The packaging is slim and sleek, cardboard folding open vertically like a book. Immediately I noticed that there is no traditional mid tone brown crease color, but to be frank, having hooded eyes that doesn’t really bother me, plus even if I didn’t have hooded eyes; a brown really isn’t mandatory for that.

Application & Wear: The application didn’t kick up and once applied I noticed that the shades are highly pigmented. Application of the oranges and reds is true to pan color, but the blues and greens are more muted (as is often the case with mattes). The shadows blended out really easily, not quite the blown out effect you get from Viseart, but quite close and definitely better than Tarte. I experienced no fallout at all. In blending on the eye they did not muddy, but as time went on, wearing during the day they did fade and muddy. Towards the end of the day, there is still visible color on the lids, the shadows still pass as a good look, but the lighter colors have faded quite a lot, this is very similar to my experience with Viseart, however the overall staying power was longer than Viseart, lasting up until late evening when I took it off.

All in all I see this shadows as having great quality and the palette is very affordable at only 40 USD or 34,99 Euros for 22,5 grams of product (each pan is 1,5 grams).