sisleyrosemaskSisley is a high-end French Skincare and Makeup brand, whose products I have been using off and on, for nearly twenty years. I tested the highly sought and very expensive Black Rose Cream Mask, which retails at a whopping 162 USD for 60ml. The mask claims to instantly make you look refreshed, smooth and plump the skin and soften and hydrate. You are supposed to leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes.

User experience: The mask is a light pink gel, which is non-sticky and smooth. The scent is very pleasant, rather than a typical rose perfume, it smells of fresh cut flowers. On inspecting the ingredients I can see that this is natural fragrance coming from the rose extract and rose oil and not an added perfume. As a gel it is cooling and comfortable. Once 15 minutes passed, in accordance with the instructions I removed the excess product and waited for the substance on my skin to sink in, that took about an hour.

Immediate impressions, the skin felt hydrated, but not plumped. I achieve more visible results with the GlamGlow Thirstymud (which incidentally cost about a third of the price). Once the product absorbed I put my makeup on over it. Big mistake, it pilled. This is not unusual for a gel, but I would not recommend adding anything on top of it the day you use it.

I could not find the ingredients online, only descriptions of the actives or highlight ingredients, fortunately they are on the packet. The ingredients are very good. The ingredient named in second place on the list is Shea Butter, this might be important if you have skin that tends to have acne. Glycerin and Squalane are also high up the rest is mainly highly effective botanicals.

Is it worth the 162 USD? The quality of the ingredients is outstanding and I expect that with frequent and prolonged use, there would be very good effects on the skin, however prolonged use would cost you a fortune and I will not be repurchasing as I personally find fillers and botox to be cheaper than two months worth of supply of this mask. The marketing makes great claims as to immediate results and I do not see them, I see better immediate results with GlamGlow’s Thirstymud, but I do not expect that product to have any long-term benefits. But, if Sisley would like to comp me a lifetimes supply? I’d gladly take it off their hands.