I love watching anti-haul videos are reading anti-haul posts. If this theme is new to you, anti-hauls are products we will not be buying and why. I find them very helpful when it comes to new launches and products which are overhyped.

Here the items which are not on my shopping list:

  1. Violet Voss: Ride or Die Palette: 42 shades and not one of them is green or a real blue. Instead: 42 variations of browns, greys, oranges and reds, one more similar than the other. This bores me
  2. Too Faced Natural Love Eyeshadow Palette: Too Faced has been pretty inconsistent recently. Their larger Holiday palettes which were limited edition did not receive good reviews. This is a larger palette which is limited edition. I somehow don’t think this one will fare well, plus I pretty much have these shades, if you own a Tarte palette you probably also do.
  3. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit: I am pale as a ghost. If I am lucky, maybe two shades would suit me. I don’t need the other four. The reviews are split between positive and negative on the formula. The shades are beautiful, but overall seem suited to darker skin tones and that is fabulous, about time there was a great glow kit for deeper skin tones, just not for me as I am too light.
  4. The new Wayne Goss Face Set: This almost hurts to type, I want them so badly argggh. They are beautiful, they are fabulous and they are expensive; but they are natural white hair. You are not supposed to wash natural hair often and seeing natural dirty white brushes will irk me. I wish they were brown. If they were self cleaning? Hell Yeah!
  5. Any contour kit: I am one person with only one skin tone. I need 1 contour shade, not 3. I have a great contour shade from smashbox. Unless you are a makeup artist, or regularly do other people’s makeup, you don’t need them either. What would be great though, would be if the single shades were sold separately, not just as refills, but properly packaged. Then I might be more adventurous.

That’s all folks? What are you not buying?