If you are anything like me, your body time clock relaxed by the weekend rebels on a Monday morning and you are chronically late. Here’s how to have great looking makeup that makes you look totally rested and healthy in just 5 minutes

  1. Be a fan of BB cream, get yourself the best BB Cream for your complexion. Put this on quickly with your clean fingers for medium coverage and a healthy glow. As it absorbs it is very unlikely to be streaky.
  2. Own a great concealer that matches your skintone. When you are late, it is not the time for Kim K highlighting. Cover the flaws you have seamlessly and quickly. I recommend either Tarte Shape Tape or Nars Soft Matte (I prefer Soft Matte, it is harder to mess up in application)
  3. Use pressed powder for setting, that way you won’t overdo it and get cake face. Less errors to correct means less time used.
  4. Use the perfect reliable easy to blend bronzer. Ideally one that is not too heavy on the pigment, when you are in a rush you don’t want to overdo it and have to fix what you have done, better to be required to build. A dependable favorite of mine for fair skin is Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer.
  5. Get yourself the perfect neutral blendable long-wear blush (not over pigmented). The Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushers are a great choice
  6. Skip Contour and Highlight. You don’t need it, if you have bronzer and blusher on, you have already added dimension to your face.
  7. Have a one shade satin or shimmery go-to neutral eyeshadow. Ideally something that might not need primer and where if you mess up no one will notice. Champagne, Caramel and Taupe type satin can be awesome for this. Whack it on your eyelids with a good brush you can blend the edges out with and blend it below your lower lash line.
  8. If you need to do your eyebrows; use powder, it is fast, natural looking and more forgiving. Essence has great powders for under 3 dollars.Great higher-end options include Anastasia Beverly Hill and Benefit.
  9. Use a mascara with an easy to use wand, such as Benefit Roller Lash or Tarte Lashpaint. Use it, drop it in your handbag for additional coats if needed.
  10. Lips: opt for a sheer natural nude. That way you won’t need lip-liner. Or have this in your bag for applying on the go.
  11. Run!

Have a Great Monday!