I heard mention of the Roloxin Lift Gold face mask by Tati on YouTube towards the end of last year in her annual favorites and already purchased it then. I just go around to trying it out yesterday and I was pretty surprised!

The advertising professes that this mask gives you a face lift that lasts all day. Instructions for use: You wash your face and massage the sachet with the mask in it for 20 seconds before opening and applying to damp skin. The product applies see through with a lot of gold. That’s actually really pretty. Then the product dries to a white powder which should take about 10 minutes. Then you just rinse it off with water and continue with your normal skin care.

Did it work? Yes, the results are astounding. All the fine lines around my eyes disappeared and the depth of the wrinkles was greatly reduced.I was speechless!

Did it last? Unfortunately not, around 4 to 5 hours later my skin was how it was beforehand.

Would I recommend? Totally, The product retails at only 33 USD for 3 Sachets, given how effective it is I think it’s a good price,. I would recommend use before any special events, the results are impressive.

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