A few days ago I reviewed Giorgio Armani’s new Power Fabric Foundation here. Having been matched to the wrong shade, there was no way it was going to look good, but I did not downgrade it due to that, as that is “user error”. What I did criticize was it grabbing onto dry areas and creating texture where there was none. Well, when we review products we do take other factors such as kin prep into account and so I went out, got the correct shade and gave it a second chance.

Correctly equipped with the correct shade of 3,5 I went around my skin preparation quite differently. The goal was to see how good the product could perform with some small adjustments.I used a heavier moisturizer beneath and used a hydrating priming, ilamasquahydraveilspecifically Ilamasqua’s Hydra Veil, and this is where things took a very different turn. This primer is amazing for dry skin. There are not enough superlatives to describe it. It’s packaging and presentation as a gel with a “spoon” in a pot, set it apart as something different. You scoop out some product and spread it on your face, the gel immediately melts and your skin is covered with a hydrating protective barrier. Compared to Guerlain L’Or primer which sinks straight into the skin, Ilamasqua sinks into the skin, but you still have this smooth primer feeling.

This created a much better setting for the Power Fabric to perform on my dry skin. So I reapplied (the color match already looking more flattering) and waited. It wore well, far better than last time. It did not cling onto dry patches (as there weren’t any) and created a really nice finish. It did not creep into fine lines and wrinkles, but did crack around them toward the end of the day. It stayed out all day.

My holy grail is Shiseido Synchro Skin and this is the foundation I compare all new products to. In this second test, Shiseido came out tops again as it cracks less around fine lines and wrinkles, but Power Fabric has fuller coverage and is  better suited for glamorous looks, so the products are not quite the same for comparison. This time around I am very happy to have bought.

I see the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric as being a good counterpart to Shiseido Synchro Skin. Power Fabric being more glamorous full cover and Synchro Skin providing the more realistic finish, both are long wearing and worth my money.

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