TGIF everyone!

Benefit is causing ripples of excitement due to the launch of their new Hoola Lite Bronzer and Hoola Quickie Stick (Cream to Powder Contour stick). Having watched the first YouTube reviews (which incidentally were very favorable), I am not excited, I am confused, here’s why:

youtubescreenhoolaThe original Hoola is a very nice bronzer, it was a little too dark and pulled a little orange on me, but I still have it because it blends out really well and who knows? Maybe one day I will be the right color for it. It was a huge hit for Benefit and is still very popular.

This was then followed up by the liquid version which was much maligned as an orange liquid. One would have thought they may have learnt a bit from the orangeness. Was it Mr Trump’s success that lead them to believe that orange would continually be the successful way to go? The new cream contour stick is warm toned, which is great if it is aimed at medium warm toned people, but it is launched at the same time as a bronzer so light it pulls yellow. This makes no sense.

Exactly who is the demographic they are marketing to?

If you are fair with pink undertones: no product for you. If you are deeper toned: no product for you. If you are light/medium to medium with warm undertones you can use the traditional Hoola and you may be able to use the contouring stick. If you are literally white as a glass of milk with a bit of yellow dye thrown in, then Hoola lite is for you. I have absolutely no idea to whom the liquid orange bronzer is for.

What a lost opportunity, why can’t they come out with more sensible shades? They do formulas well, they do packaging well, but those shades miss the mark.

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