Not too long ago I was singing the praises for Tarte’s Tape Shape, the best concealer I had ever encountered, particularly for fine lines and wrinkles! You can read of my enthusiasm here.

As you may be aware, when you have fine lines and wrinkles and use concealer on the undereye, the biggest problem is seeping into fine lines. This is not creasing, creasing is when the product folds over on itself, often through separation or its propensity to want to stick together. Creasing can be battled by setting with powder, creep into fine lines can also be battled with setting with powder, but will only minimize the issue and not eradicate it, plus powder generally accentuates the visibility of fine lines. The cause of these problems is the lipid levels in the product, over time they cause the product to wander and settle into fine lines. Against this backdrop; the advent of Tarte Tape Shape was a godsend, rather than wandering, creeping, creasing , or requiring setting, the most likely problem would actually be cracking around fine lines as the day wore on. But this is minimal and it is an amazing product. Which is why I am so surprised that it should lose its crown as best concealer in the world so quickly!

Cue the arrival of Nars Soft Matte. The full name of the product is: Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer Anti-Cernes Correcteur Velours Mat. I obtained the product via the Sephora France one day 25% off sale (woo hoo!). Beauty Lovers in Germany can get it via Lookfantastic, elsewhere in the world it is a little more straightforward to get, here it is at Sephora in the US.

I got the shade Light 2,5 “Créme Brulée” which to my luck is pretty much a perfect shade match!. I am looking to use this for natural looking coverage rather than highlighting and it is perhaps a half shade lighter than my skin. Having no physical direct access to the products I am pretty impressed with my shade finding abilities, go me!

The main ingredient in this concealer is silicone (if your skin is sensitive to silicone, this might not be for you). This makes it very very different to all other concealers I have ever tried. The pigmentation is incredibly intense. If you put your finger in the pot and lightly pick up, the product picks up smoothly and applies on the skin almost like a stamp, no extra product like you would have if you picked up a cream concealer. This is totally different to anything I have ever seen. As such the pigment is even and is easily patted out using the finger with no unnecessary excess and definitely no creasing. The same applies to brush application, making this the most easiest to work with. On the skin it has high cover, blending imperceptibly into the skin, looking like there is nothing there. Don’t believe me? Check out these pictures:

The wear down is even during the day. I experienced, no creasing, no seeping into fine lines, no cracking, nothing negative whatsoever. It stayed in place all day and fading gracefully into the evening.

All in all; an absolutely fabulous product and the better alternative to Shape Tape.

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