Everyone, I have a new obsession! I started using Dr Jart’s Ceramidin cream in the second half of January, and wrote about it in my January highlights here. As I was so impressed I want on to try as many product as possible over the last few weeks and days and I am seriously impressed!

dr_jart-ceramidin-oil_balmAlready impressed with the non-greasy but constantly moisturizing properties of the Ceramidin Cream, I tried the Ceramidin Balm to Oil as well. My thoughts were; I often use la Mer Cream which is also melts onto the skin in the evening as the final layer on top of my skincare, especially when I use a retinoid as it helps cushion the skin from any discomfort and seals in moisture long.term throughout the night. The problem though is that La Mer costs 150 Euros, rather a lot for a sealant! I was wondering if the Dr Jart (at just under 30 Euros) would be a good alternative. Well lets, cut to the chase: It is a fabulous replacement and I think it does even better than La Mer. The pot comes with a see through spatula, you only need half a spatula for your entire face and neck, so like a scrape. The balm melts instantly onto the skin and I just wipe the oil over the skin, it absorbs inside of 10 minutes. With the ceramides, moisture is continually given off over time, so despite being absorbed fairly rapidly for an oil, you are constantly hydrated. I am extremely pleased with this product and will certainly repurchase when done.

dr_jart-dermaclear-premium_beauty_balmI also splurged on the Premium Beauty Balm (BB Cream). Where I bought it from only had one shade, but I have found it online in two shades. I think I got the lightest shade, but it is still considerably darker than my skin. dsc00206But it didn’t matter! I put it over the Ceramidin Cream and it blends straight into the skin and absorbs immediately leaving a radiant finish and I look naturally tan with it, like I have been skiing, Check me out! As it absorbed super well, it did not leave lipids on the skin that might travel meaning there was absolutely no creep whatsoever into fine lines and wrinkles. The product has a SPF 45, and given that it does contain sunscreen it has a scent, but it is not overpowering, though not my favorite, it smells clean and it quickly dissipated. It has light to medium coverage and wore well all day, no fading! I have been wearing this everyday now for 10 days and I am so pleased with it.

I recommend both products for normal to dry skin. Yay!

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