I have two great hits to share with you. I have consistently heard great things about Wet n Wild eyeshadow, but was hesitant to try them out as I always saw that the palettes contained at least one glittery shade. Whilst I love metallic and satin, I am not a fan of glitter in otherwise matte shades (thanks Too Faced!). I was encouraged to check them out again, by a recommendation I saw from Kathleen Lights, specifically she suggested checking out the “Walking on Eggshells” Trio. The Trio is 3 Satin shades, a light pink, neutral light brown and a light cream shades. These eyeshadows are awesome! With a lot of silicone in the formula they glide on beautifully, they are extremely well pigmented, blend excellently and surprised me by lasting into the late afternoon.If you were to take Too Faced as good and Natasha Denona as excellent, these are closer to Natasha Denona than Too Faced. A great trio for an everyday, natural daytime look. The price was just under 4 USD/Euros, amazing price for outstanding quality.

The second hit is Catrice’s High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder, a whopping 8 grams for 4,5 Euros, the same product retails in the US under the name Essence Pure Nude Highlighter for 4,5 USD (Catrice owns Essence and are essentially the same brand). I mentioned this as a lovely natural glow highlighter in my rant about Lancome.



I am close to giving up on lip products from the Drugstore, no matter who recommends them. This is a big shame as the first good liquid lipsticks originally came from the Drugstore. What has gone wrong?

First up a recommendation from Manny MUA, Maybelline Lipstick Peach Buff in Matte (shade 982), This is a traditional bullet lipstick. It feels nice going on, the aroma is fine, but it sits on the lips like a paste.

Next, L’Oreals Lip Paint/Matte in the shade Hollywood Beige 201 liquid lipstick. This goes on, but again, has a pasty type feel and does not cover evenly. The aroma is ok, it has a fruity but slightly gasoliney aroma. The shade is pretty. It does not dry down, which I don’t feel to be an issue, but it smears. What a shame.

Finally: Maybelline’s Vivid Matte Liquid, in the shade 05 Nude Flush. This stuff is terrible. Like the L’Oreal it does not dry down and smears around terribly, but even worse, the aroma, is like putting some kind of mineral oil/tar type stuff on your lips with a distinctly gasoliney smell. Just awful. Plus, contrary to it’s name it is not matte.

That’s all Folks!

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