If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I am located in Germany. You may also have deduced that I am a Beautyholic and am willing to pay a lot of money to get my “fix”, but I do expect the retailer to be fair. The following information will be useful for overseas customers.

Towards the second half of 2016 Sephora in the US was my go to place for US brands, mainly due to having pretty much everything under one roof, being able to deal with import duties and taxes already at purchase, reasonable and fast shipping, and because of the much applauded loyalty scheme. 

Well it turns out I can scrap the reasonable from the shipping, as last year it was very reasonable at 10 USD per package, but now its over 20. You may say: yeah but you can pay 10 USD for free 2 day shipping. Nope, as an overseas shopper, I am offered that as a VIB too, but if I try to purchase it, I can’t. See pic below.


I really would not expect to be able to buy the cool shipping option, after all shipping to Germany is expensive. Why it suddenly needs to cost twice what it did just over a month ago, I am not sure.

The other item I can scrap from the argument as to why Sephora is so great: is the loyalty scheme. I have over 600 insider points (see pic above), but whenever I try to redeem them, not a single one of the rewards on offer can be shipped to my location. See evidence below.

You know those weekly specials? I am not allowed them either. Plus most of the samples can not be sent to my location (ironically I am allowed to purchase the full size though), and in my last order the samples I chose and allegedly could ship, weren’t even in the package!


I am a VIB, so I qualify for the 20% off sales. I may take advantage of that, but there is no point in spending money to become Rouge, as I will get nothing for it!

You know who does offer me free shipping (and deals with taxes and duties at purchase)? Beautylish.

So come on Sephora, us overseas customer cost you nothing, we pay our full shipping, we don’t even cost you in samples, at least let us have our rewards the same as everyone else, we even pay for the shipping of them.

Around my birthday, I have already dropped all expectations of getting the gift I qualify for. I guess it won’t be available to ship to my region.

As most of my readers are in the US, this won’t really impact you, but I have a cunning plan. As most of my readers are in the US…. when I recommend a product and it is most readily available at Sephora ,and should you choose to buy it due to my recommendation, I will include a magiclink, meaning that although Sephora may have misled me as an international customer, at least I will be making commission off my recommendations!

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