A few years ago when I had time to make my own soap I used to make one containing brine (saturated salt solution). In using it, I immediately noticed that my skin felt very clean, but way not dried out. When I gave away pieces to people who had spots, they told me that they cleared up really fast and they had far fewer when using the soap. I paid attention to this feedback and started using salt regularly in my skincare.

Salt is antiseptic. This is why it gets used in healing wounds, it has been shown to be beneficial in acne, dermatitis and rosacea treatment. Even if you don’t suffer from these salt is still beneficial to your skin as it helps get the circulation going and works to unclog pores. There’s a reason our skin improves after salt water sports.


I use salt daily and pick up a large Lush’s Ocean Salt in my monthly Lush haul. Ocean Salt is a salt scrub. I rarely use it to scrub, but wash my face and put the scrub on the wet skin and let it soak in, I then rinse it off, sometime using it as a scrub sometimes just rinsing it off. You can use table salt from the kitchen in the same way.

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