Lancôme’s La Rose Blush Poudrer is 1,6 grams of highlighter for 60 USD. Is it made of cocaine? Nope. This is a very pretty natural looking highlighter, that recently came onto the market. It is an artificial rose with the petals coated in powder, housed in a cardboard (!) box. Very pretty and in my opinion insanely ridiculous. Rarely do I get angry about overpriced products. This time I do, at least put it in a proper tin, cardboard!?

My favorite review is by Bunny aka Graveyardgirl.

dsc00170If you are looking for a beautiful natural highlight, I suggest, the exact inverse price wise: Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder, a whopping 8 grams for 4,5 Euros, the same product retails in the US under the name Essence Pure Nude Highlighter for 4,5 USD (Catrice owns Essence and are essentially the same brand).

Kathleen Lights gives a great review here.

I wouldn’t be so annoyed at Lancôme if their product retailed at 20 dollars, that would be more inline with an over-hyped plastic rose in a cardboard box.

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