viseartcashmereI have heard again and again how awesome Viseart matte eye shadows are and also recently heard quite a few YouTubers suggesting; that if you are put off by the price, try out the smaller Theory pallets at 45 USD. As someone whose blending skills leave a lot to be desired, but really needs to start watching the pennies when it comes to product leaps of faith, this idea appealed to me. Off I went and ordered the Cashmere Theory Palette.

The palette is small, about the size of a credit card and comes in sleek but sturdy cardboard packaging making it great for your makeup bag. The 6 color selection of neutral browny shades makes it great for daytime to nighttime looks.

However, the quality between the 6 shades varies a lot! The two deeper matte shades blended out amazingly, like airbrushed and were very impressive. Pigmentation was strong. They were a pleasure to use. The lighter cream matte showed up poorly on my white skin, it was difficult to tell if it was as well pigmented.

The shimmers were very patchy, they swatched well with the fingers, but translated poorly on the eyes.

The looks I wore lasted till mid-afternoon.With the shimmers fading by lunch time and the mattes wearing the longest. I wore them over Mac Paintpot in Painterly, the same product I use for all my eye shadow tests.

The palette did convince me that the mattes could be amazing. But 45 USD for 2 great shades is really bad value and really disappointing. So don’t listen to someone advising you to drop that money on a Theory Palette for the purpose of a test. I have now ordered the neutral matte palette. So all this advice did, was make me disappointed, but encourage me to drop even more money on something which better not disappoint me, or else! You certainly will hear about it if that’s the case.

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