The first month of the year is already over and I have made many beauty discoveries already. Here are the 4 that blew me away in January.

  1. Natasha Denona Eyeshadows. I got a palette in my Beautylish Lucky Bag that I wrote beautylishbluepurpleabout here. This then led me to buy another quint and one of the large 28 shadow palettes in blue/purple. These eyeshadows are amazing. I have not got around to trying every shade as I now have 38! They stay on all day and do not fade, they apply and blend flawlessly. Some critics have said that you can’t do full looks from the palettes as seemingly crease and transition shades are missing, but I strongly disagree. If you take the time to research how Natasha Denona uses the shadows (here is her YouTube channel) you will see that she is not conventional and that you can get a multitude of impactful looks from the palettes and will not be missing the matte browns you thought you needed. I love these shadows, for me they are gold. I was super lucky to save around 50 USD on my large palette as they are currently on sale on BeautyBay. Check it out here.
  2. waynegoss06The Wayne Goss Eyeshadow Blending Brush no. 6. I got this again in my Beautylish Lucky Bag and am so impressed I have bought another as back up. The brush is made of blue squirrel hair and picks up all types of shadows well. The brush is hand made and is cruelty free. Despite being called a blender brush, as a paddle brush it also does a great job of picking up product and packing it on the lids, it also blends wonderfully making this brush very versatile. For cleaning I just brush it over my color switch, as being genuine hair it should not be washed too often. With the color switch the pigment comes straight off. I use this brush along with one small detail brush for an entire look, making pretty much all my other eye brushes redundant. I bought the brush direct from Beautylish.
  3. I have been so busy lately that I have not found time at the weekends to get my gel nails tended to at the salon. Essie Gel Couture gel nail polish has been a godsend. Applied in 2 coats with a topcoat it remains in place with no chips the whole week.If you look carefully you can see the area on my nails where the gel has not been filled up, but hardly at all. Essie states on its website that it lasts two weeks, I have no doubt that this is true. I have only changed colors to change up my look so far, never because it was chipped or scratched. Amazing product. I get mine at the drugstore. These are my favorite shades:
  4. Big excitement in Germany. Douglas (our version of Sephora) has stepped up their drjartceramidingame and is stocking Dr Jart Korean Skincare. I immediately swooped in and bought their Ceramidin Cream. The cream advertises that it’s ceramides release moisture into the skin constantly working with time delay. OMG it’s true! Its also a non greasy, non heavy cream, that absorbs immediately leaving no greasy feel. During the day my skin feels constantly hydrated, no more pain face. Because of it’s non-greasy formula I expect this to be suitable for normal, combination and dry skin. A fabulous product, I have never experienced anything like this. A true star. In the US you can get it from Sephora here, in Germany from Douglas here.

That’s it folks, I did also discover some other superb products, but these were my true standouts!

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