Korean Beauty is exciting. I was recently on a Korean website planning to order some Cushion Foundation, but I never completed the order as it would have meant another lengthy trip to the customs office, and yeah: I’m curious, but not that curious. So, I was pretty pleased to find 2 brands cushions in my local TJ Maxx and I picked up both of them, I’m starting here with a review of the Holika Holika Dodo Cat BB Cushion with SPF 50. From the Holika Holika website I can deduce that there are 2 shades and I picked up the lighter one, assuming it would be a match. Hmmm not quite, whilst I am usually the lightest shade in western cosmetics, it turns out not so in Korea and I would probably have been better off with the second shade, but I still made it work!

The design is via a collaboration with a French Illustrator called Audrey Jeanne, and the cat featured is her cat “Mikado”.

User experience: When you open the compact you immediately notice the paw print which is white in the beige cushion. This contain the “highlighter” which is supposed to give you a dewy complexion. You can avoid the pawprint to pick up only the bb cream, unfortunately I read this a bit late and applied everything, which may have attributed to my silvery face look in applying. In applying I noticed that on the first layer it seemingly sunk straight into my pores making them look enormous! I don’t actually have a lot of texture on my skin, but with this application I did! This was only marginally better with the second layer. The coverage was surprisingly full. I had no concealer on and achieved pretty much full cover, without it. The product absorbed really quickly, I did not expect that, I expected it to remain tacky far longer. As it absorbed pretty quickly and almost set by itself there was no travel into fine lines. To be sure though I set it with Laura Mercier Candleglow powder. The crazy silvery shine imparted by the SPF (which by the way is a physical sunblock rather than chemical) plus the shade being too light died down within 10 minutes and as time went by the product looked better and better throughout the day, not fading at all. After a full day’s wear, it had still not seeped into fine lines instead cracking slightly around my strongest mimic lines This did look worse than it does when I wear my holy grail Shiseido Synchro Skin foundation, but for a BB cream cushion this was an outstanding performance. The product would not remove with micellar water and to remove it I double cleansed, so really great staying power.

All in all I expect this cushion to perform very well on normal to dry skin. I was very pleasantly surprised, and let’s see when I have run out, whether I would repurchase. Holika Holika Dodo Cat BB Cushion retails for between 20 to 40 USD depending on the source.

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