Watching a video by Bunny (ka Graveyardgirl) reminded me how much I wanted to try Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. I love the packaging and with the full on glam image of the brand it’s nice to own something with that old Hollywood feel. I went for the shade “Bitch Perfect” from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. range, so named because it contains an anti-oxidant extract from the lipstick tree.

bitchperfectThe shade is a pinky coral, for me that was exciting as lately I have persistently been reaching for mauve shades and my choices were starting to bore me. I also purchased her lipliner “Lip Cheat” in the shade “Pillowtalk”. This lipliner gets great reviews and the color matches the lipstick really well.

User experience: the lipstick is moderately stiff and skips a little when applying. The feeling on the lips is not immediately emollient, but remind me a little of the feeling of putting on petroleum jelly. The color applies patchy, and although my lips are exfoliated, the pigment bunches up giving the impression of dry lips. The pigment is gone within around an hour, but the emollient feeling on the lips actually increases as times goes by and continues post the pigment fading. This was very disappointing. I really like the shade and expected far better performance. The only way I could keep the color staying longer was to entirely cover my lips with lipliner and apply the lipstick on top of that, the pigment still bunched though. The lipliner also bunched and flaked.

just applied and already bunching

For me this is a big product fail. I will continue to use it though for a bit as I like the shade, unless I encounter something with a better formula of the same shade. I was rather hoping this lipstick would be my go to and was hoping the pretty metallic tube would be a staple in my handbag.

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