You know those products that everyone loves, but you just don’t care and because you do reviews you think you should try them, then at the last moment you think “dang no!”

These are my “dang no” products that  I am not interested in and the reasons why.

byterryBy Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder. This is hailed as the perfect setting powder for dry skin as it has hyaluronic acid in it. The thought is it is allegedly moisturising and doesn’t create cakey powderiness of dry skin. The thing is, that completely contradicts what we know about how to use hyaluronic acid properly. We need hyaluronic acid IN the skin, the deeper the better, not ON the skin. If you are in a dry climate, having hyaluronic acid on the skin will draw your hyaluronic acid out of your skin unless you seal it in with a moisturizer. If you don’t live in a dry climate, powder is not an effective delivery for hyaluronic acid into the skin. So I get it, the powder will draw moisture from the environment and therefore it will look less cakey, but you get that look with Mac Fix Plus on RCMA powder too and for far less money!

May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver is a clay based powder mask that you mix with maylindstromwater. All ingredients are natural and I really like that. It gets glowing reviews as a fabulous decongesting masks with a tingle. The tingle is where I start to lose interest it is causes by cinnamon and nutmeg, a lot of people have severe skin reactions to those two spices. When I was 12 I made a mask containing nutmeg, and yep it burnt, never done that again. The other point of contention is it costs 90 USD and you can make it yourself (and for far less money)! I am not kidding! You can buy all the ingredients online, as it is a powder just mixed with water, the shelf life of your home mixed version will be really long. Plus if you are sensitive to cinnamon or nutmeg you can leave those ingredients out, if you buy the May Lindstrom version, you don’t have that option!

What are the products others rave about, but just don’t interest you?

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