I test a lot of “anti-aging” products, including some that are super innovative and also widely hyped. Sometimes my skin does not react well to them. Cue this picture of a very very unhappy me, taken on the 8th January having tested an innovative under eye lifting serum which achieved the exact opposite!

8th January

My under eyes ballooned and developed crepey skin at the same time. Truly horrendous to have aged 20 years in the course of 10 minutes! The puffiness and crepiness would not go away. After two days I had to do something.  I ignored all my expensive eye creams as the skin under my eyes was incredibly sensitive and everything burned. Instead I turned to squalane which cost me 13 Euros and a cheap drugstore under eye cream for around 8 Euros. Soon the healing skin started peeling and by the 14th January my under eye area was completely restored and looked better than before the whole incident.

14th January

sebamed-2All during this period I applied a thin layer of squalane at night and then covered it with “sebamed” Eye Cream, for the day I would use the eye cream alone. I am so pleased with the results that I will continue using this combination. As you may have inferred from my blog I have no issues at all in paying a lot of money for skincare, and I never expected this product combination to have such good results. I only bought the eye cream because I was desperate, at the drugstore and it was for sensitive eyes. Sebamed contains a Hyaluronic Acid complex, Peptides and Q10. It is dermatologically and optician tested and also suitable for contact lense wearers. It retails in Germany for 7,90 Euros in the drugstore (it is a German brand), unfortunately it retails at 30,99 USD in the US for the same volume (0,5 Oz, 15ml) Would I pay 31 USD for it if I had to? Probably yes, it hands down beats all my Kiehls, Shiseido, Rexaline and other high end eye creams.

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