I recently received a Natasha Denona Eye-shadow Palette in my Beautylish Lucky Bag. Until the then I had kind of been following the products and the general verdict on Social Media seemed to be: great eye-shadows, but shocking prices.

The palette I received is the best quality I have ever experienced, it would have retailed at 48 USD and no, I would not have paid that, but I really didn’t know what I was missing, with the knowledge I have now I would, and there are other orders on the way. Having “discovered” the products for myself I then wanted to understand the why? Why are the products so different, why the focus on the shiny and the glossy? Why the focus on “the blackest black?

Natasha Denona is a self-taught make-up artist who runs her own school in Tel Aviv, prior to that she worked as a dancer and model. She grew up internationally raised in Germany and born in Croatia she moved to Israel when she was 18.

If you look up the looks she creates you will see that they are dramatic and bold, glossy, dewy but also hyper-natural. Current make-up trends emphasise the matte, the airbrushed, the flawless, the matte with sparkles, the matte with some sheen but definitely not the dewy. Eyelooks are admired for blended creases and smooth transition shades, false eyelash glam, but please please whatever you do have the face be matte apart from highlighter. Instagram and sharpie eyebrows are still going strong.

This is where Natasha bucks the trend, her looks are very dewy, the looks she does are full on glam, with very striking eye makeup, but minus lashes, minus instabrows and minus matte foundation but plus contour and glowy blush. Due to the dewiness of the looks I term them hyper-natural with many of her models glowing almost into the ethereal. Many of the eye-looks involve no darkening of the crease whatsoever, watching her work is more like watching a painter than your traditional make-up artist.

I find this work very exciting. It takes me back to some of the looks of the 70’s but majorly improved upon and created using the incredible products of her product line. As such I expect her to influence further shifts and trends in the makeup world. If you are interested in seeing what I see, here is her YouTube channel :).

P.S. Natasha Denona products are currently on sales with pretty large reductions at BeautyBay.

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