Posts and Videos about Beauty Blender vs Artis Brush, Artis Brush vs Dupe have been done to death last year, and I don’t really find them helpful. It is due to these videos and posts that I own them all! I think in determining which is best for you, you need to know about what you need to achieve with your skin and the properties of your foundation and tool above all else. Knowing these will get you the result you need and this is where I’d like to help.

If you watch a YouTube marathon of Beauty Blender vs Brush the only result can be that you go out and buy a Beauty Blender. The Beauty Gurus who enjoy the largest followings tend to be those that do particularly glamorous makeup, usually using full coverage foundation and quite a few are relatively young and have oily skin.What works for that skin and finish demographic does not automatically translate to the rest of the world.

beautyblenderA damp Beauty Blender is particularly good for full coverage foundations and foundation which are thick and creamy with medium fluidity. This is because they absorb product and can remove excess product very well. Through the “pouncing” action of the sponge on your skin you can work foundation into the skin which is particularly useful if you need to cover large pores. It is also particularly good for blending out concealer, as it can be used to absorb product this can be super useful when trying out new concealers for if you have too much. The pouncing action also does a great job of covering texture. The disadvantages are keeping them clean, it can take quite a few rinses to be sure that your blender is clean.

The Artis Brush is really good for spreading product quickly. Any streaks you encounter artiswill be minimal comparable in the level of annoyance to blobs of foundation that need to be blended out by the Beauty Blender because a sweep over them eradicates them. Streakiness is more likely with thicker creamier foundation. Their strength is also in that they waste minimal product, the foundation sits on the surface of the very densely packed hairs and does not seep down into it. For reference I will use 3,5 pumps of foundation with a Beauty Blender, whilst I will use 2 with an Artis Brush. When you use the brush you use it in a sweeping motion, starting from the nose outwards (this is the best technique for all toothbrush style brushes), I use an Oval 7 which is the medium size which also gets well in around the eyes.They are particularly good for very fluid foundations such as for example Shiseido Synchro Skin and Water Blends. In shearing out foundation evenly they are more suited to covering pigmentation than texture. Using the same brush for concealer would gunk it up a bit, but can be done. If you use one brush for a week you would wipe it off twice over a paper towel to remove excess product for the following day and washing it once per week is pretty quick.

fantasia-pinselArtis Brush Dupes: There are plenty of affordable Artis dupes out there. I have tried a few. For the ones that mimic the build, do pay attention to the handle and the sturdiness of it when it connects to the brush head. This is a common weakness of dupes. Even the “By Terry” 50 dollar high-end dupe has this challenge. The connection tends to be flimsy and quickly snaps. To be able to use them for a longer period of time, you might be best of holding the brush head in your palm Not all dupes have hairs as tightly packed as the Artis and not all hairs are as soft, but the finish can be identical (not always!). Seeing as Artis brushes are very expensive, if you get a good dupe it really can be worth it, but if you get a bad one, don’t think Artis brushes are bad, because it could be very different.

The Etude House “My Beauty Tool Secret Brush 121 Skin” belongs to a different type of etudehouse“toothbrush” style foundation brush. Bdelium produces exactly the same brush in black. This brush is smaller than an Artis Brush and has longer hairs, despite this foundation does not sink in any deeper. For me this brush has the best of both worlds. It is fast to use, saves product and using it to blend out concealer works well due to the size. The handle is very stable and it is cheaper than a Beauty Blender. Provided you do not need the benefits of a Beauty Blender in removing excess product or needing to press into the pores, this would be my general recommendation.

zoevafoundationThe traditional “Kabuki” Style Foundation Brush: These are superb for when foundation
needs to be very quickly buffed into the skin. Great for formulations which are quick drying, applied in sections such as Estee Lauder Double Wear Extreme Cover. Also good for thicker formulas,  not so good for very fluid foundations as the product sinks straight down into the brush. As the hairs are not as tightly packed as toothbrush style brushes and splay out, applying with a sweeping motion would give streak, so a buffing motion is required for a good finish. These are quick to wash.

foundationflatThe traditional paintbrush style foundation brush: Application with these is generally streaky. Depending on your product, the streaks can disappear of their own accord whilst settling. Typically foundations with high lipid levels might do this. Application is relatively quick (speed between Beauty Blender and Artis) and the brushes are really quick to wash and quick drying so potentially good for travel.

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