Happy Hump Day! Around the Holidays Tarte released a really cute blush set the “limited-edition sculpted cheeks deluxe Amazonian clay blush set & brush“. As it is (allegedly) limited edition, the time window you have to make a decision may be short, so maybe I can help you with that.

tarteblushThe set is four blushes each of which is in a different tone, so there is one more pinky, more mauvy, more browny and more peachy. The official shade names are pop, royal, genius and vibrant. The set also has a very cute gold colored handled brush. The formula is Tarte’s pretty well known 12 hour wear Amazonian Clay and the pan sites are pretty small, smaller than you would think from the official photos, each is 0,05 Oz = 1,5 gms. It cost me 35 Euros.

User Experience: I have a very fair complexion and I found I could wear all four shades and that they suited me.The application was easy and not patchy, colors built nicely.  They did stay on for the full working day, fading slightly towards the late afternoon, but that’s generally longer than my Mac blushes, so really cool!

The brush is cute, but really not that well suited to blush. The tip is too long, with a narrow tip and it strikes me as a much better highlighter brush, where use with a light hand and a small application area is to be desired. For blush I really wants a more diffused application but still want control so I have inserted a picture the Tarte brush demonstrating the flexibility of the head and of my favorite blush brush which is tiny, but has a rounded head.

The set is pretty, I would have preferred a brush that was better suited for blush. I know most people use larger brushes than I do, but they usually have broader heads, rather than super narrow, and the brush didn’t quite fit the set, though as I mentioned it really does make a lovely highlighter brush. The tiny amount of product did not bother me, though I know it would bother some, for me it was the great opportunity to try out all four shades, plus the small size makes them great for travel and the handbag, so a really nice edition to my collection. Would I repurchase? Well, I don’t need to as it would take me a while to get through them, but if I miraculously lost them I would! Nice product, well worth the price.

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