In a moment of madness, I bought this weird items from Muji for just under 20 Euros, its a heated wand where you can use either of the heated sides to curl your eyelashes. I don’t like conventional eyelash curlers. Whilst I have never actually gotten pinched using one, I kind of live in fear that I will end up curling them so hard they will snap (yep that’s not going to happen, but my irrational fear is as good as any other).


I thought I’d take a few pics for documentation, starting off with the untouched eye, the Muji electric eye, the conventional eye and an I where I used a conventional curler and then the electric one on top.

In order to curl your eyelashes with the electric wand you just stroke them upwards with it. The wand does not get very hot, it’s really just warm and quite pleasant to use. From the picture you might be able to see that it feathers they eyelashes out, but does not curl them particularly. The third picture is my lashes curled conventionally using 3 crimping motions. he lashes are far more upward and straight than with the electric wand. I do like the effect on the final eye of using the wand on top of conventionally curled eyelashes, you get the curl and they feather out quite nicely.

My key question, to find out whether I think something is worth it is to ask Would I buy it again? Nope.Β I just don’t care about my lashes enough. As pleasant as the warming sensation was, you need to be someone with a lot of time in the mornings and a great sense of appreciation of lashes to bother with this, in which case you might just go the whole way and slap on falsies. This is one of my more useless impulse buys, but I assure you: I haven’t learnt my lesson yet!