Well knock me over with a feather, the days has come that I never thought would happen. Physicians Formula has come to Germany. I would like to think that this is due to me harassing them on twitter, but I guess I am not that important.

Two days ago I was slating Douglas for never spotting a good thing and being old fashioned, well they did spot a good thing and as of yesterday they have following range of Physicians Formula Products for sale.

Gone are the days of overpriced products on Amazon, or having to go to the customs office to pick up an i-Herb order. This really makes things far easier for us in Germany.

If you can’t quite follow why I am so excited, their Butter Bronzer is my favorite Bronzer of all time (and I own a lot of bronzers) I have not been able to try anything else from them due to the availability, but I have heard so much.

Granted, the range at Douglas is not their full range, but it is a start! I already have their liquid eyeliner, youthfulwear foundation and eyeshadow in my shopping cart.

Fellow makeup junkies in the US, what else should I try?

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