Taraaa! I got it, the most hyped concealer of 2016! Yeah, no mean feat considering it only released directly by Tarte and in Ulta (which does not ship to me) and has spent a good part of its product life being sold out. The shades I bought are sold out again, and the only shades left rationed at 2 per customer at Tarte, just wow that supply chain!

Anyway, so I was wise enough to get 2 shades and one of them was just perfect. When it comes to testing concealer I expect a miracle, the marketing promises a miracle, so that what I deserve to see 🙂

I am unforgiving in my concealer tests. I mainly use concealer under the eyes, with fine lines and some small wrinkles I am expecting a product to not crease and not creep into fine lines and for tests I do absolutely nothing to help it.

tapeshapeI tested Shape Tape using a primer as I usually do, and blended it out using an Artis linear brush to see how well it blends without the “help” of a beauty blender removing excess product or diluting coverage. I did not set the concealer, if they promise miracle, they are going to have to make it happen or include a powder with the product 🙂

As I am sure you have heard, or read in countless reviews the product is very pigmented and the doe foot applicator supplied is very big. The product is pretty thick, but it blends out very easily, you just need to use far less product and you do get really great coverage. It set by itself fairly rapidly and at that stage there was no creep.
I wore the product all day and took the below pics just before removing my makeup at the end of the day. Do you see any creep (forgive the yellow lighting in my bathroom)?

Nope, I don’t see any creep at all. As it wore down it didn’t crease or wear off unevenly leaving patches. Instead it gradually faded down, but still provided good cover throughout the day. I use long lasting foundation and found that the concealer wear was in line with that of my foundation, gradual, even and natural looking.
This concealer is as close to a miracle as I reckon I will find, well worth the wait.

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