I tested Wrinkle MD which uses electricity that is ionic pulses to push hyaluronic acid & peptides into the skin. The manufacturers boast that 95%of women in clinical tests experienced:”• Significant reduction in wrinkle appearance in 2—4 weeks depending upon severity of wrinkles • Immediately refreshed, deeply hydrated skin • Immediate skin smoothing.” I belong to the 95%.

I first saw the product tested by Angie of Hot & Flashy. Here is her review.

I ordered my set from Amazon and quickly set about testing it. The set comes with 5 sets of under eye pads which can not be re-used, the activator (electric) pod that fuels it and comes with a two year warranty (you don’t need to change the battery) and a hyaluronic acid serum called Youth Serum HA (1 Oz, 30ml). It cost me 197,30 Euros. The contents of this set are sufficient for 1 month, where you start the first week using two sets of pads and then progress with one treatment per week.

User experience: You attach the pod to the pads which are quite sticky and place them under your eyes, tuck the wires behind your ears and go about your business. For 30 minutes the pods sends ionic pulses to push the hyaluronic acid deep into the skin. During this a little green light flashes. When the light stops flashing the treatment is over and you remove the pads. Removing the pads is pretty straightforward, no sticky tugging at the skin.During the treatment you might feel a very slight tingling, but it is so slight I reckon most people will not feel anything at all.

Does it work? Yes! Check out my before and after pics, even though they are not 100% in focus you can see the difference with fine lines existing on the before photo and having totally disappeared on the second, plus the under eye area is plumped.

To keep using you would need to buy new patches, they come in a set of 8 which is enough for 2 months and currently cost 170.95  Euros.

Is it worth it? Well it works, but its expensive, more than botox, but botox can go wrong. So in my eyes, for the state of my skin preferable and I will keep using it.

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