It is with sincere sadness that I declare that a product I was destined to love, has failed me.

I had heard that the world was going crazy about a new mascara by theBalm called Mad Lash. Granted I did not actually see any influencer going crazy about it, I love theBalm and I bought into hype about alleged hype!

I love theBalm, for me, they get it right where Benefit started to get it wrong. I am prepared to buy anything that might possibly suit me by theBalm, I am a fangirl.

I live in Germany, getting my hands on this new release was not easy. It doesn’t sell in retail here, online it wasn’t available from our version of Sephora called Douglas. Douglas though, is so old fashioned it takes them about a year to catch on that anything might be good (they never realized that Nars is good), so no way it was going to show up here soon. Thankfully the e-commerce moguls at Amazon took pity on me and I received the mascara towards the end of December. (You sense the drama in this post)

madlashUser Experience: The packaging is great. Who doesn’t smile at their packaging?! When I open up the tube I was immediately struck by how huge the wand is. This thing is enormous. It may be the silicony type and not fluffy, but it is a full inch long. I also noticed that it brought up a lot of product which was quite fluid. I wiped off as much as I could. I then carefully tried to apply it. I am a bit clumsy when applying mascara, despite my efforts at being extra careful, I could not avoid getting mascara all over the place. Being a smart “makeupista” I waited for it to dry and flicked the extra flecks off without problem. Then with the second coat the lashes started to clump together as the product is so fluid. I had to take a comb to separate them. The effect was no better than any other I know with a comparable silicony type wand. So very unfortunately a product fail.

I will not give up! I want to love this product. I am going to be that crazy person who hangs onto a mascara waiting for it to dry out in the hope it becomes perfect and says: hey this stuff is better than Tarte Lash Paint! We all know someone like that right?

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