Happy Sunday everyone,

as I never fail to remind you that I have extremely over-processed hair I am always happy to share products I am using which help make it look awesomely healthy, thereby misleading the entire world as to what the genuine state is 🙂

The first Bumble and Bumble products I have been testing is the BB Mending Masque. Having used shampoo, you put this product on and leave it for 10 minutes, it replaces your normal conditioner. Instructions say to use it once per week.

bumblemendingmasqueUser experience: The product rinses out easily and the hair is left feeling thoroughly nourished, but the most damaged areas were still in need of extra help. On the whole it performed well and I think it would work for someone who has pretty severe damage, but not to the level of mine where my hair untreated feels like plastic.

Ingredients and Actives: The ingredients of this hair masque are pretty basic. In order of concentration, the highest concentration is water, emulsifier, then silicone, then esters (provide slip along with silicone), then various proteins and vitamins, the first oil mentioned being squalane at rank 23. The marketing blurb highlights Panthethine which is Vitamin B5 and is used as a dietary supplement to reduce turning gray and hair loss. Application in a wash off product can not be expected to be effective. I appreciate the proteins and vitamin int his formula, but would have preferred to see squalane higher on the ingredient list with less silicone. It retails at 39,45 Euros for 150ml and I think there are more effective products out there (for example Philip Kingsleys Elastizer), but I do appreciate using this every now and again specifically to get the proteins in my hair that other products do not offer. So it is a good addition to my hair care, but I will not solely rely on this for a mask.

Next up is the BB Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer. This is, without doubt, the best heat protector I have ever used! This has fantastic ingredients and picks up exactly where the masque fails. 

bbsprayUser experience: The products is in a small bottle which a small spray nozzle, the mist sprayed is very fine and distributes product evenly on the hair. The comb glides through the hair easily . All damaged hair emerges from blow drying in awesome soft healthy shiny condition.

Ingredients: Listed in levels of concentration is water, emulsifier, then it goes straight onto real great oils, grape seed, almond, macadamia, coconut, argan, safflower, then some proteins with silicone ranked 16th followed by glycerin.

This product creates great results without relying on silicone to create the illusion of conditioning, focusing instead on fast absorbing and partially very lightweight oils to deliver. I have used half the bottle and am really nervous about running out (goes straight to online shopping). It retails at 25,45 Euros for 250 ml ( 8.5 Fl OZ). I highly recommend it.

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