Happy Saturday, a few months ago I was delighted to share with you how pleased I was with TheBalm’s  Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick performance on “mature” lips.  For those of us who may be younger and not in the know: many liquid lipsticks are so drying that they look terrible on lips which are not 100% plump, this applies to the natural lips of most people towards their late 30’s. Being over 40 it is in my own personal interest to find formulas which look wonderful on everyone, including myself.

limecrimeriot2Having tried many brands over the last months, I have grown careful of over-purchasing on a whim, and so I only ordered one Lime Crime Velvetine online, in the shade “Riot” which was the most similar to my favorite TheBalm shade “sincere”.

User Experience: The formula is very fluid, so you do need to be careful when applying it, it is very pigmented. I would be careful not to apply too much or you might have challenges with it not drying down. With wiping off excess of the doe foot I manage to completely cover my lips with one swipe. Applied in the right amount it does dry down, but not rapidly. The immediate feeling on the lips is not taut! There is no tightening and no exaggeration of lines. The product smell reminds me of cake batter and rum raisin, quite pleasant. Once dried down it is transfer & kissproof. I found the lasting power to be great, it lasted through a full meal and wore down nicely towards the end of the day. I would gauge that it lasts 2 to 3 hours longer than TheBalm Liquid Lipstick.

Velvetines come in 42 shades, so you are more than likely to find a shade that you like. I bought mine from BeautyBay (as they ship to Germany) where they have around twenty of the shades, still a good selection. I paid 18.90 Euros, a pretty good price for a really great product.

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