I was lucky enough to order my Beautylish Lucky Bag for 2017 before they sold out and it is currently on the long way from San Francisco to Berlin. For the uninitiated: Lucky Bags (Fukubukuro) are a Japanese tradition where in retailers will sell you a bag of items, where you do not know what they are, for a fixed price with the guarantee that the goods are worth double the price. In Japan this is a really big deal. To my knowledge Beautylish is the only global Beauty retailer that does Lucky Bags and they ship them globally. Now in their third year they are highly sought after. There is an XL version (open to customers who have spent well during the year) and the normal version. By fluke I managed to snag one of the normal ones.

Today the first lucky bags were received, and I am thoroughly enjoying watching the unboxing videos on YouTube. The products are universally appealing, highly sought after and top quality.

Here some of the videos:

Are you waiting too?

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