There’s a product which is currently sold out in every beauty store I searched in Berlin and I haven’t seen anyone raving about it online. If it happened I evidently missed the boat, or is this product launched in 2015 a top secret?

smashbox-mascara-lahes_without_limitsI am referring to Smashbox’s Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer. I stumbled across it by chance online, in a set called “Lashes without Limits”, a set containing full sized 9ml X-Rated Mascara,  a 4ml Photo Finish Lash Primer and a very small 5ml sized Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer. I ended up buying the set just to get the primer, as it alone was sold out in 4 retail stores.

I have dry under eyes with fine lines. Concealer travelling into fine lines is a common occurrence and towards the latter part of the day it will start to crease, regardless as to whether it has been set or not. I prefer not setting as the powder does the look and the actual feel of my dry skin no good. Generally I use very little concealer thereby minimizing travel, but unfortunately the more lipid there is in a concealer the more it will travel during he day, meaning that hydrating concealers are the ones that may end up actually looking worst. Understandable then, that I would hope that the product would help.

I applied it in the morning, over a layer of hyaluronic acid that had been topped with a moisturizer that had already sunk in. Immediately I could feel that the product was hydrating, I waited a few minutes and then applied my make up as per normal including concealer, on one eye I set it with powder on the other I did not.

Despite powdering the powdered area continued to feel comfortable, something that it not usually the case. The increased hydration did not result in any sinking into fine lines. As the day wore on my concealer did not crease on either side and wore down at the same rate as my foundation, with there being no visible distinction to them. Without the primer the concealer that had not been set with powder would typically crease and do so quicker than the set concealer, which would also crease, just slower, but due to the powder actually more visibly.

So, for me it’s no surprise that I will continue to use this primer, my under-eye area not feeling parched and remaining comfortable throughout the day would already be sufficient reason to do so. The even wear down, without creeping into fine lines and the lack of creasing make it a no-brainer.

I need better YouTube gurus 😉

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