I have hooded eyes. I didn’t always have them, I am in good company with gorgeous ladies such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Kirsten Dunst and Gisele Bündchen.

I often read of frustration from people who have hooded eyes regarding how they can not do particular looks on their eyes. I get that; if you want to do something and can not it is disappointing, but there are also some looks that people without hooded eyes might not be able to pull off quite as well as people with hooded eye. Smokey eyes are particularly fabulous on hooded eyes. Apart from hooded eyes there are many eye shapes that suit or don’t suit different looks, a cut crease on a monolid rarely works, tight-lining the lower waterline on small eyes often doesn’t look great. This is where I think it helps to get back to basics and think about what eye makeup is about. It is meant to highlight and flatter your eyes. Instead of bemoaning lack of lid space, we can be pleased about not needing to have 3 colors perfectly blended in our creases, because nobody is going to see them, we can think more about how we can work with the extra dimension hooded eyes have.

One technique that looks super cool is the straight lined technique as explained and demonstrated here by Wayne Goss.

To open up the eyes, I can further highlight my tear duct area, either with a light eye shadow or a face highlighter. I can outline my lower lash line with eye shadow rather than tight lining my waterline with a dark color instead replacing that with a nude eyeliner.

To make the most of my lid space I can use I light shimmery color on it and steer clear of thick black eyeliner, opting instead for a thin line. But if you like thick eyeliner you can do a cat-eye with hooded eyes!  If you don’t believe me here’s Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo demonstrating it.

Happy New Year everyone! My hope is that everyone enjoys their beautiful eyes and makes the most of their unique shapes.

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