7 weeks ago I was skulking around my local TK Maxx and there wasn’t really any gems to be found. The only thing in the beauty section that caught my eye was Strivectin SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles & Stretch Marks. I had over a number of weeks noticed Strivectin products popping up every now and again in the display. The packaging looked very clinical, but never really called out to me. I pulled out my phone and googled the recommended retail price for comparison. Turns out it’s 82 Euros, the tube in front of we was offered at 22 Euro’s so off in my basket it wandered.

I read the package instructions and started using it twice a day, dumping my entire previous skincare regime to stick by the instructions. I am a person whose skin so far has never been broken out by a product.I was really surprised when the following morning a had three new zits on my face, the cystic version and I saw blackheads and blocked pores amassing. The first time I had seen a blackhead on my skin in over 10 years. I thought maybe it was just a fluke and maybe that time of the month (which it wasn’t) and endeavored to keep using it. The next two days the state of my skin continued, a few more cystic spots and many many blocked pores. Then and only then did I start getting suspicious. I googled it and also turned to my reader in WordPress. What I found was quite astonishing.

anti-wrinkle_sd_advanced_intensive_concentrate_for_wrinkles_4-5oz_1It turned out that on product launch in 2003 the company really had claimed that it was better than botox, something they were able to claim as as a cosmetic, they were not subject to clinical trials.The internet is awash with negative reviews, obviously if you raise expectations that high and are then perceived not to deliver, there will be disappointed consumers. Many reviews also stated that the product had broken them out. The product has been reformulated multiple times, but these reviews continue regardless.This is where I have my beef with Strivectin, the active Vitamin B3 derivative should not be the issue here. Having searched through the ingredients, apart from shea butter I can’t really find anything that would be responsible for such extreme pore blockage. I do find a really good list of ingredients, the only perhaps unnecessary one being dimethicone and perfume.

I did find one review where someone was very pleased with the product and had been using it for five years. That review struck a chord with me. I kind of see 5 years with that one product as a lost opportunity to try something better.

The breakouts were not the only thing that bothered me. Despite all the moisturizing agents in the cream, my skin felt super dry during use, to the level of painful, yet a had a “greasy” layer over it, which will be the ingredients meant to enhance the skin barrier. I noticed no change to my fine lines or wrinkles. In a nutshell this product is not for me. 6 weeks of a painful face are enough and I doubt that acne scars will do anything to make my complexion look younger. However….

strivectin-eyesToday I found their Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles at TK Maxx selling for 24.99 Euros, it usually retails for 83,45 Euros, so in the basket that landed.

Well I have already tested that today and the skin under my eyes was not altogether happy. But hey, I have never ever broken out there. Let’s see!

Me = sucker? Yep

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