New Year’s Eve is almost upon us. If you have skin like mine (experienced, fine lines..) I have some great recommendations on the preparation you can do to look your best.

GlamGlow is a brand founded in 2008 by a couple looking to turn their lives around. Their story can be found here. The brand boasts products that offer instant results. GlamGlow is incredibly hyped at the moment, and for the best reasons. Their products really do deliver on the promises made. Are they miracle workers? No, but damn, are they good.

To get superbly hydrated and to the best of it’s ability plumped skin I have used the GlamGlow Dreamduo. This is an overnight mask, made of two phases. The first phase “DreamSerum” is a gel like cream high in antioxidants, you put it on and wait around 30 seconds for it to absorb a little. Then you top it with phase two the “DreamSeal”, this seals in the first layer and is super high in hyaluronic acid. Then you go to sleep. The next morning most of it will have absorbed and you rinse it off. What you are left with is super hydrated smooth skin. I did feel that there was some sort of slippy layer left on my skin, which I didn’t really like, so I washed it off with face wash, but there is no need to if you like it. Even though I washed it off my skin was still super plumped and hydrated. This has been the very best effect I have experienced from an overnight mask and I am a very avid mask user (I do 3 per week). Huge thumbs up. I have read some reviews from people with oily skin, prone to breakouts believing that this breaks them out. So if that applies to you, this may not be the best product for you. But for me: it was awesome!

So, ideally that will have given you great skin for the day of the 31st, but there’s still a number of hours to go before New Years eve! In getting ready specifically for the evenings parties, to get an extra lift and firming to your skin, I highly recommend doing a quick mask of Gravitymud. Gravitymud is the mask you see most on Instagram, it goes on white and dries to a chrome space like finish. Very amusing to use, you put it on (avoiding the eye area) and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes until it dries and then peel it off. That time waiting, can also be used to do something for your eye area, Magicstripes has some pretty effective collagen & hyaluronic acid eye patches called “Wake Me Up”, that you just put around your eyes and leave on for 30 minutes. That product combination does a really good job of making my skin look as good as it can for an evening.

Slight word of caution, I am used to face masks coming in oversized containers. GlamGlow’s come in pots the same size as you would usually have for a normal face cream, the pictures on the internet seem to make them look bigger. So it can be disappointing if you order online and expect a big product. They are pricey, the Dreamduo retailing at 59 USD for 0.68 oz (20 grams) and Gravitymud at 69 USD for 1.4 oz (40 grams). Despite this, you will more than likely be won over by the products.

I wish you a wonderful New Year Eve and a great start to 2017!

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