Woah that’s a long post title, but it’s pretty accurate.

I test a lot of mascara’s, I don’t write about a lot of mascara tests. That’s what I do not to bore you ;). Today was a test with a bit of a difference. I am an Urban Decay fan. I love their eye shadows, I love their name. I am just a fan-girl. Unsurprising that I should test their urbandecayperversion“Perversion” Mascara. The website boasts volume and lengthening. What I got what very moderate volume, but good lengthening and a really nice natural look, one that actually made me look like I had phenomenal natural lashes and wasn’t wearing anything at all. A great win! And off I went to work..

Unfortunately, very short after application my eyes began a very slight burning. That burning you get when you are just slightly allergic to something. Long story short, the win rapidly developed into a loss that bothered me all day. I then got home in the evening and was looking forward to a relaxing evening sans makeup. Well the surprise was I needed to go out again. But definitely not with the mascara on, so I removed it, pretty easy to remove and applied yet another mascara to test, this time Blinc’s “Mascara Amplified”.

Blinc’s Mascara Amplified is a tubing Mascara in that instead of a paste being formed around your blincmascaraamplifiedlashes, it forms a kind of synthetic tube. This means that the mascara can be removed with warm water and a cotton pad, no special remover required. The marketing also states that it will not flake. Yep, well that is true, 8 hours of wear and no flaking.The finish was the same as that of the Urban Decay Perversion, little volume, much lengthening again, making my lashes look phenomenal, like fantastic natural lashes.  So the same finish as I had experienced earlier in the day with Perversion. This type of mascara is also specifically targeted at people who have sensitive eyes, specifically as it doesn’t flake and due to the “easy” removal. I experienced absolutely no irritation by the product.

Well that easy removal is not quite as easy as they make it out to be. It is true that it works well with a cotton pad and warm water, but the tubes wipe all over, meaning you need to rinse your face afterward to remove them, but at-least there are no chemicals required.

So there you go, two totally different products, retailing at the same price, with the same look but totally different experiences.