If you are interested in makeup you will have heard of the silisponge, the latest craze sweeping the scene. The product is a small sponge sized device made of polyurethane (no, not silicone as the name would suggest), to be used as a makeup sponge. It  is distributed by Molly Cosmetics, who by all accounts are now on their 9th restock.

The benefit of using this “sponge” is that it is not a sponge, it does not soak up product, meaning that it does not waste product, which also means that it is very easy to keep clean. Here is is video by the wonderful Jackie Aina giving it a good test.

It seems like a really good idea. In the tests it performs well, but does it replace the beauty blender? Only if you have been using one when you don’t really need it. The Beauty Blender is generally meant to be used damp. That way it is great for if you are working on full coverage, if you overdo it, it does a great job of removing product. The Beauty Blender also does a great job of dealing with texture.

Personally I don’t have those issues. I own 4 Beauty Blenders and also other similar sponges as well, and I don’t currently use them. The reason is: I use really liquid foundations with low lipid levels (these tend to work best for fine lines). With these types of foundation sponges soak up too much product and application is best done with a brush or fingers. The silisponge is also not useful for these products as they are literally liquid and would drip off it. But, I am interested in the planned future iteration of the the sponge:

silispongeThis version, the “Stardust” is scheduled to come out in January and is intended for cushion foundations. It is already allegedly sold out (btw I see what you are doing there Molly Cosmetics, making a point of publicizing selling out restocks to encourage our wish to get something before it is sold out. nobody else has the need to point out a restock, you use it for marketing).

If you use cushion foundations you will know that the product is really liquid and the cushion disperses it equally onto the sponge. This makes them the exact product where the beauty blender acts as a vampire stealing all your expensive stuff! With the even dispersal of the product onto the sponge there is little chance of dripping, ie its just not going to happen, and to be frank: cushion foundation sponges get gross and break really easily! I carry a great but super expensive cushion foundation in my handbag for on the go and I would love a sponge that is not gross, that I can just rinse off in a public sink with some soap, wipe off and be done with it.

So here’s my hope: Molly Cosmetics will tone it down on the product restock dramas, get their supply lines sorted, I will get one, be happy and so will millions of other cushion foundation owners 🙂