Happy Tuesday everyone! Recently I have had a breakout, the first in a long while and triggered by some skincare I have been testing (more about that in a few days). The breakout was horrible, those horrible cystic zits that hurt, that won’t come to the surface that you just wish would go away. I reached to a small jar of a very special product, applied it, looked at the jar and realized in shock that I had owned this particular pot for about 10 years! Yup, that’s how rarely I use it, but also that’s how long it has kept and worked and apparently nobody writes about it. It’s Payot’s Pate Grise drawing paste.

payotpategrise-2I can still remember when I was 16 going to the pharmacy with my mother and the pharmacist recommending the product to me. There we bought the first jar I have ever owned. The second jar is in my bathroom, I am now 42.

Pate Grise is a very simple drawing paste. The product has been in retail for 70 years! You put it on a pimple and it encourages it to rise to the surface and helps dry it out and heal the skin. As a result, I never really suffered from painful cysts in my youth, as they were usually dealt with at maximum within 4 days. It also helps with ingrown hairs etc, basically anything you need to have come to the surface and erupt. It’s active ingredients are zinc (anti-oxidant, regulates sebum), almond oil, ichthyol & ichthammol (antibacterial,anti-inflammatory, regulates sebum), polyglyerides (conditioners). You put a small dab of it (use a cotton bud) on the spot prior to going to bed. The next morning, the spot will be way worse, as it draws it to the surface. if it’s not completely drawn out continue to cover the spot until that happens. Once it is drawn out, apply it for one more day to hep with healing.

I have no acne scars whatsoever from my youth. I credit Pate Grise with this. If you suffer from cystic acne or other blemishes, you might want to try this out. It is relatively inexpensive and if Payot does not retail in your country, you might be able to find it on Amazon.