I recently picked up this cute little limited Real Techniques brush set for around 25 Euros. As it is the gift giving season and it looks like a great gift, I thought I might share my first impressions with you.

The set is designed to be in your handbag and comes with a vinyl folder to keep them in. All three brushes are synthetic. The brushes each have a name which explains their principle use, in descending size order they are: multitask face brush, multitask cheek brush, multitask eye brush.

If I run my fingers over them the first thing I notice is that the brushes are not particularly soft. The bristles are quite noticeably synthetic, I would never mistake them for natural hair. I own a Real Techniques powder brush and whilst it is not the softest powdered brush I have ever had, the difference between it and this set is very pronounced. The brushes are well made, sturdy and did not shed a single hair despite pretty vigorous rubbing.

When I look at the brushes, ignoring their names, and gauge their best purpose I would say the face brush looks like a good contouring brush (despite the tapered shape it is quite narrow i.e. pinched), I would think the cheek brush is for setting the under-eye with powder as it is too small for blush, but the bristles are too hard for that (I use a really small brush for blush, but even for me this is too small), and the eye brush is evidently a blending brush.

So, first impressions are really not that favorable. I then went on and watched the product video.

Having watched this, I understood the versatility of the brushes. They work well, picking up and depositing even shimmery products well. They will be travelling in my handbag as a test and replacing a few brushes I have in there. I do perceive them to be really versatile and pretty innovative, but would I gift them? No. Unless you are prepared for providing explanations to the recipient on how the set works, I would not bother. The first impression is not that awesome and I feel a gift should be self-explanatory.

As a gift, for 5 Euros more, you can get a 4 piece travel set from Zoeva, with brushes which are more comfortable to use, complete, with a nice pouch. I have these, they are more traditional and require less explanation.