This August I added a Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) serum to my shopping cart during my first order of “The Ordinary” at Victoria Health. I had read that it helps balance the skins sebum levels, but didn’t have particularly high expectations. After all, vitamin C is also really good for the skin, but apart from having better circulation (depending on concentration) you don’t really see that much. I knew nothing of any anti-aging benefits.

I started using the serum in the area around my mouth around the time I got my period. This is the area I would customarily have a break out. Well that stopped those, completely immediately. It is now December and I have not had a single hormonal break out since I started using this. Impressed, already in September I started recommending it to others, and have heard nothing but positive feedback. These are all users who do not suffer from acne, but do get monthly hormonal break outs or generally need their sebum levels balanced, they are aged between 20 and 50 years old.

I later did a little more research into the ingredient and found it is anti-inflammatory and is anti-aging in that it increases the production of proteins such as keratin it also plays a major role in reversing the effects of sun damage. A 12-week clinical study of a topical 5% niacinamide emulsion showed a 21% improvement in fine lines.

The one important thing to pay attention though in using it, is do not use it as the same time as using Vitamin C. The two do not play well together and cancel each other out.

I am really glad a put the 5GBP serum in my shopping cart. Maybe you might like to try it as well.